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Modern Wool Rug Styles

Updated on August 9, 2009

A modern wool rug is one that is both unique in shape and design.  Having an odd shaped rug is not unique in itself unless it is accompanied by a unique pattern as well.  Intricately made wool area rugs are a must have in modern design.  The handcraftsmanship of the products cannot be compared to any other type of rug on the market today.  A modern design usually experiments with unusual color combinations and patterns.  Many types of rugs can be custom purchased to reflect a size, shape, or design that you prefer.  If you are decorating a space that is unique in the colors, shape, and in the pieces of furniture you plan to add then a modern wool area rug is your answer. 

You can find many contemporary wool rug ideas on the internet.  Some companies allow you to submit a sample of fabric or photo of a pattern that will work well with your design scheme.  In the process of customizing your rug, you can also choose from many modern shapes like hexagon, octagon, and multi-circular.  Simply choosing an unusual shape is not enough you must also choose vivid colors to bring your unique pattern to life.  Make your modern rug the stand out piece of art in your room design.  There are many types, sizes, patterns, and colors to choose from.  Let your imagination run wild and use your artistic abilities in your rug creation process.  If you do not have the time or the money it takes to customize your own rug, then stick to existing styles and patterns.  A Chinese wool rug could bring both the elegance and unique style you are looking for.  Look online for interesting or unusual pattern that might work well in modern design scheme.

Photo by Feel More Human @
Photo by Feel More Human @

Round Wool Rug

A round wool rug is a modern design statement because the shape can be used to anchor areas in your design.  For instance, using a round rug to form a seating area or eating area is a great way to bring a modern rug shape and using it for the dual purpose of created a separate space within a larger space and covering a floor with a plush and comfortable covering.  There are many styles, sizes, and colors of round wool area rugs to choose from.  A solid color would work great in a contemporary design because it will not distract from other more modern elements.  On the other hand, vivid colors in a beautiful artistic pattern can make the round rug the focal point in your design.  Your overall design scheme must be taken into account when you are using a rug in your plan. 

Round wool rug designs can be custom created to fit any décor or surrounding.  If you are designing a new home and would like to incorporate one or more round rugs in your home, then you may want to first determine the wall colors, accent colors, and patterns within each space before customizing a rug.  You can also use an existing design to replicate onto a round area rug thus using the rug as a guideline for other design elements you can add into the space.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to using your imagination and unique tastes in a design project.  Keep in mind that you cannot go too wrong when customizing any part of your home décor.  A well decorated home should reflect your personality and taste vividly and elegantly.  If you don’t want to take the risk of crating your own rug pattern or design, you can always go with a Persian wool rug which is usually unique in texture, color, and pattern.  Incorporating a Persian area rug into your design is a great way to bring a theme into a space within your home.

Black Wool Rug

Finding a black wool rug to fit into your design plan can actually be fairly easy.  Black is a standard color in rug manufacturing because the color can work with any décor or design scheme.  Solid black wool area rugs can be purchased in many different sizes, shapes, and textures.  A Flokati wool rug is probably the best example of a quality black wool area rug.  Flokati rugs are a Greek tradition that started many centuries ago.  The technique originated in the Pindos Mountains where sheepherders used Flokati creations to keep themselves warm in harsh weather conditions.  Flokati rugs are 100% wool rug creations that are extremely soft and durable.  The internet is full of solid colored rugs but not all rugs are the same.  Black is a color that will look good even after many years of use.  Proper maintenance and cleaning of a rug can add even more years to the life of your rugs.  Refer to the instructions that come with your rug for the most accurate ways of cleaning and maintaining your beautiful and elegant black wool area rug.     


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