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Guide to Discount and Cheap Horse Rugs for Sale

Updated on July 5, 2009

Winter horse rugs are a necessity for domesticated horses living in colder climates. If you own a horse or wish to purchase a horse, it is recommended that you purchase a winter horse rug for the animal especially if you live in a cold climate. There are two basic types of winter blankets to consider, stable blankets and turnout rugs/blankets are the two most commonly used. A stable blanket is mostly used for the purpose of providing the horse with warmth and comfort during periods of cold temperatures. A horse blanket is usually made of wool or some other kind of thick material. Turnout rugs and blankets are considered more durable and specifically designed so that the animal can maneuver better. The best type of cover for your horse will depend mostly on the amount of hair on your horse. If your horse has a nice full winter coat then you probably won’t need to rely very heavily on blankets and rugs but if you have clipped your horse’s hair then you will definitely need to protect your horse from chilly conditions.

The best way to determine if your horses are in need of winter horse rugs would be to watch each animal’s behavior. A horse in need of warmth will stand stiffly in a tense posture. The horse’s tail will be tucked firmly against the body and the animal will most likely be shivering. Run your hands down the animal’s body to feel for goose bumps or in a horse’s case hair that is standing on end. Feel the animal’s face, ear, and neck area to check for detectible body heat. Any and all of these indicators should give you a better idea if your animal is suffering from over exposure to the cold. Once you have properly covered your animal check for sweat by running your hand under the blanket or rug on the animal and the neck and shoulder area. If you feel any kind of moisture in those areas then the animal is probably too warm. You should definitely check your horse’s condition during the colder days of the year as frequently as possible to ensure that the animal is faring well within the indoor or outdoor environment. You can easily find cheap horse rugs for sale on the internet. Some companies even sell in bulk with many cheap horse blankets for you to choose from.

Photo by Elrenia_Greenleaf @
Photo by Elrenia_Greenleaf @

Rambo Horse Rugs

Rambo horse rugs were created to be the first fully breathable and weatherproof horse turnout rugs of the industry.  Since then other companies have incorporated the Rambo® technology into their products.  Rambo rug design consists of straps that are located on one side of the animal so you don’t have to go back and forth from side to side to ensure that the rug is fastened properly.  The neck cover is held on by Velcro so it is easier to take off and put on.  The Rambo system does not use leg straps like other brands because the legs straps tend to rub against the animal and typically cause discomfort.  The Rambo horse rug contains belly surcingles in a criss-cross pattern with a Euro-Cut slip resistance design.

The hassle free technology of Rambo horse rugs has made their products number one in the horse cover industry.  The system is very effective and durable, made with nylon lining that even helps groom your horse keeping the coat shiny and smooth when in use.  You can purchase Rambo horse products at a dealer near you or on the internet.  The Rambo rugs website has a full description of each rug and accessories that can be combined.  Discount horse rugs are available through some websites depending on how many you purchase in one order.

Amigo Horse Rugs

Amigo horse rugs are available in three weight categories including heavy, medium, and lite. Made by the same company that created Rambo horse rugs, Amigo rugs use the same AquaTrans technology that is designed to keep the horse dry under any weather condition. The nylon lining and no filling high quality rugs keep your horse dry, warm, and comfortable no matter what the outside condition may be. Amigo rugs can be purchased at local dealers near you or via the internet. When shopping online, make sure you are looking at authentic Amigo horse rugs. There are many cheap horse rugs available on the market so you have to make sure you are getting a quality product that is durable and safe for your animals.

Masta Horse Rugs

Masta horse rugs are made with denier fabric that is constructed in a herringbone pattern.  The material is strong but the unique weave pattern makes the product 30% stronger than other denier fabrics.  The material is then coated in a compound that makes the product waterproof yet highly breathable for the comfort of your animal.  Masta rugs come in a variety of styles including Check-Tech, Turnout Masta Deluxe, SRT Seamless Rug Technology, Standard, and Full Neck. 

Check-Tech discount horse rugs come in two sizes, medium and medium/heavy.  Turnout Masta Deluxe includes a storm cord which helps prevent wind and rain from penetrating inside the rug enabling the animal to move around freely and safely regardless of the exterior condition.  The rugs also contain tri-vent technology which is a triangulated three piece gusset system that creates a bellowing effect when the horse is moving.  The system responds to the pace of the horse allowing ample air flow and avoiding any rubbing.  SRT Seamless Rug Technology is made using extra wide fabric to reduce the amount of seams thus increasing the weatherproof quality of the product.  SRT rugs are lighter and more durable made with a strong denier polyester outer fabric and lightweight but extremely breathable tricot lining.  Standard is filled with a thermal insulator and contains D rings for the attaching of a separate neck cover when needed.  Full Neck is also made with a thermal insulating filling but contains an integral full neck cover.  Masta horse rugs are innovative products made with your horse’s well being in mind.

Weatherbeeta Horse Rugs

Weatherbeeta horse rugs are made to be waterproof and breathable with a repel shell and taped seams.  Most Weaterbeeta covers can be purchased with in Combo, High Neck, or Standard Neck designs.  Available in various sizes, with Quick Clip, Detach-a-Neck, Repel Shell, Wick Easy, and Rip Stop technologies.  You can find and purchase Weatherbeeta horse rugs online.  The Weatherbeeta brand falls under the cheap or discount horse rugs category because of the company’s reasonably priced yet quality and effective products.
Quick Clip buckles can be adjusted to fit any size animal.  Once the buckle is set, the cover remains that way so you can easily and conveniently cover your horse without a lot of fuss.  Detach-a-Neck is another valuable tool that allows you to easily remove the neck cover for milder weather conditions.  Repel Shell helps the cover repel dirt and water while still remaining 100% breathable and waterproof.  Wick Easy lining wicks away any moisture leaving your animal dry and comfortable.  The hydrophilic quality of the polar fleece lining works with the animal’s body temperature to draw and evaporate excess moisture and sweat.  Rip Stop is the process of modifying the weft and warp of a fabric which reduces the possibility of tears and rips.  The fabric is made with hundreds of small squares in a checked so any damage remains contained within a specific square rather than spreading to other areas.


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      Hi I can't find lining for summer rugs. can you help me? I have no idea what it is called. and suppliers can't seem to help me out either.