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Choosing Between Contemporary, New Zealand, and Floral Wool Rugs

Updated on July 2, 2009

Contemporary wool rugs are made to reflect new and modern designs.  Wool area rugs come in many unique shapes and sizes to fit in any room of your home including main rooms, entryways, and hallways.  Wool rug products can be created by hand or with the help of machinery.  Handmade rugs are created by either in a hand-tufted or hand-knotted method.  Hand-knotted wool rugs are valued by the amount of knots it takes to create one square inch of rug.  Hand-tufted wool rugs are made with the help of a small machine that interweaves the yarn to a backing.  Wool rug prices vary greatly with pricing highly dependent on the amount of work it takes to create the product and the type of materials used in the construction.  You can find discount wool rugs on the market but be sure you are purchasing a quality product for the smaller price. 

When searching for a contemporary wool rug design, keep in mind that color, pattern, and shape are the clearest deciding factors.  Unusual shapes, color schemes, and patterns create an artistic overall appearance that typically works great in a modern design.  When searching for modern wool rugs, begin by first determining a color or group of colors that will best work with the room’s color scheme.  Then choose from unique modern shapes like oval, hexagon, octagon, multi-circular, or round wool rugs.  Many rugs come in unusual patterns that are great for creating a modern focal point in a room.  You can find many contemporary and modern wool area rugs directly online via the many manufacturers and distributors of wool products. 

Photo by Designer Rug Warehouse @
Photo by Designer Rug Warehouse @

Eco-Friendly New Zealand Wool Rugs

New Zealand wool rugs are 100% wool rugs and the most eco-friendly rugs on the market today.  Not only are the rugs made with a renewable wool material, the material is also biodegradable.  Wool used in the making of New Zealand rugs comes from sheep that are raised on lands that are unsuitable for crop growing.  Banned pesticides are also never used on New Zealand sheep farms for the protection of the animals, their wool, and the environment.  New Zealand sheep are well known for producing the whitest and purest wool.  The wool is super absorbent to dyes and maintains the vivid colors much better than other types of wool.  A New Zealand wool area rug can be purchased in many different colors, sizes, and patterns.   

You can purchase all types of New Zealand rugs via the internet.  There are several companies that even allow you to custom order a wool rug.  You can choose the shape, pattern, color, and design that best fit your style or needs.  Some even let you create your own artistic design or replicate an existing design that you already have.  A New Zealand wool rug can best be compared to Oriental wool rugs when it comes to creativity in design and durability in materials and craftsmanship.

Floral Wool Rugs

Beautiful floral wool rugs have been considered artistic in beauty and elegant in design for many generations.  The beautiful vivid colors of a bloom combined with the softness of wool results in a wool area rug that can best be described as a work of art which most of us are afraid to even walk on one.  Shoes never touch such a plush and elegant creation.  Floral area rugs can be machine made or handcrafted depending on the manufacturer.  Machine made rugs tend to be thinner or less plush.  However the designs are usually more intricate and detailed.  A hand-tufted or hand-knotted wool area rug tends to be thicker and less detailed in design.  The process of hand making a rug is tedious and requires expertise in the methods and material handling, thus handmade creations are much more expensive to purchase. 

Floral wool area rugs can be purchased in many materials, shapes, sizes, and designs.  Some could depict one single flower while others depict many with leaves and vines included.  Choosing a floral wool rug is a process of exploring art and your own personal tastes.  If you like vivid and large images then you should have no problem finding a floral rug online that will both meet your style and budget requirements.  On the other hand, you could also prefer smaller patterns with many flowers all over the rug.  Regardless of your requirements, begin by searching the internet for the many types of wool rug possibilities available.  Once you have decided on a manufacturer, narrow down the choices to a shape and size that will best fit your design plan and space.  Finally, you can then begin to choose a pattern, image, or design that best fits the floral motif you would like to see in your design scheme.


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