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Where To Buy The Best Dora Explorer Backpack Online

Updated on March 20, 2011
Dora Explorer school backpack
Dora Explorer school backpack

Buy A Dora Exploer Backpack

If you have a child that is a big fan of Dora the Explorer then you may be looking for the perfect Dora Explorer backpack.

There are lots to choose from when buying a bag that is linked with one of the most popular children's characters on TV.

You can either purchase a bag that is functional for carrying all the things that you little one needs or you can choose one of the Dora backpacks that have fun activities attached.

Take a look at what is available and you are sure to find the right type of Dora backpack to suit the situation.

Here are some Dora bags that are available to buy online from Amazon.

Dora Explorer Mr Face Backpack
Dora Explorer Mr Face Backpack

Dora the Explorer Mr. Face Purple Plush Backpack

This is a cute little backpack for all Dora Explorer fans. It is a Mr Face backpack that is made from a soft and fuzzy fabric.

The face is boldly emblazoned on the front panel of the bag which displays Mr Face’s big grinning expression which has been created by using appliquéd embroidery techniques.

This handy backpack has two side pockets as well as the main compartment so there is plenty of storage space for toys, dolls, books and candy.

The main compartment opens and closes using a magnetic flap so everything will stay safe and secure inside.

The shoulder straps on this backpack are adjustable so you can make sure that it is adjusted to the right length so that it sits comfortably on the shoulders.

Dora Explorer My Talking Backpack from Fisher Price
Dora Explorer My Talking Backpack from Fisher Price

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer: My Talking Backpack

This is a different sort of Dora Explorer backpack because this is a talking toy with lots of different attachments which will give children and toddlers endless hours of fun.

It is made of a hard plastic and this talking backpack will entertain children because it plays Dora Explorer’s signature tune which is called the backpack song. It is fun and as well as the song, you can also listen as it speaks.

You will hear a range of various happy and upbeat sentences. All this occurs at the touch of a button and this is very easy for a little hand to press so children can play on their own without any adult assistance or supervision required.

As well as the hardback plastic backpack, this collection contains a toy video camera, a magnifying glass, a pair of toy binoculars and a handy map which are all made from brightly coloured materials that are fun and attractive to look at and play with.

There is also a very pretty bracelet included that would look gorgeous on the arm of every little girl who loves to play dress up. They all add to the enjoyment of becoming a great explorer just like Dora and everything fits into the bag for easy transportation.

To operate the songs and sounds, you just need to use the 3 button cell batteries that come included in the price of this toy backpack. This is a toy from Fisher Price so you are assured of great quality and style.


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