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Elegant Gazebo Lights

Updated on January 24, 2013

Have you ever dreamed of a dazzling garden wedding with a babbling brook splashing along one side of the yard, expansive flower gardens wearing their coats of scarlet, gold, and baby blues, and a tall white gazebo with delicate ivy covered trellises tracing their way up the sides. Gazebos are certainly one-of-a-kind structures. Built for no other reason than to grace, adorn, and shelter slightly from the sun overhead they are truly buildings that one can fall in love with. With diffused lights hidden among the ivy and a chandelier overhead gazebo lights add even more to the ambiance of the situation.

Gazebos are garden variety buildings, alight with various gazebo lighting, that capture my romantic side. As you may have noticed, painting with words is something that I love to do. We all feel the need for good sturdy homes that keep the rain off the head and warm body and soul, but it is also rewarding to invest in something simply for the pleasure of it. Having a home is sort of like teaching my son math. This is not the easiest task for me, but I love writing and I also love architecture. Gazebos are a match for both in my life.

Flush Mount Gazebo Light

Gazebo Light Selection

With a building like this matching architecture and lighting is an important combination. If a gazebo is tall with a high roof line and vaulted ceiling it will require a different selection of lighting than does a lower roofline with a flat ceiling inside. When choosing illumination it is good to work from the sides of your pallet to the middle. The side lines is the gazebo itself. Is it tall, short, wide, or narrow? Also what type of material is it made from? Many are made from log, wood, or even brick. The next step is the furniture that will be placed inside. Wicker works well for outside spaces. Also a table with a few patio chairs around it is sometimes the choice. The next step is to combine your facts to select the light that will work the best. For the gazebo possessing lower flat ceiling and simple wood sides painted white a less decorative fixture works well. Either a gazebo chandelier can be chosen which hangs closer to the ceiling with more head room clearance underneath is a good choice, or a flush mount outdoor ceiling fixture can be used.

Outdoor Gazebo Chandelier

If a gazebo is made from log post and beam construction, complete with handcrafted log railing, and then a more rustic outdoor chandelier can be chosen for the gazebo. Some that I have seen have light ports which resemble candles while others may have animals worked into the pattern or pine trees.

For a gazebo that is multi sided and has a steep roof pitch it might be very nice to incorporate a Spanish or English flair to it. Kichler outdoor lighting has several styles to choose from with matching light fixtures which coordinate with the outdoor chandelier.

Kichler Outdoor Chandelier

Outdoor String Lights

Not to be overlooked is the outdoor string lights for the gazebo. These are also sometimes referred to as rope lights. The thin lines of little Christmas type lights can be used to wrap around the support posts of a gazebo. Some even take the time to run the lights over the beams of the roof. When you mix things such as ivy plant leaves with the diffused light from the strings an even lovelier backdrop is created.

Popup Gazebos and Lights

For many who do not have a gazebo in their back yard there are also the popup gazebos to consider. These are very portable. Some homeowners even choose to leave them up all summer long. Also known as patio gazebos it is not a bad idea to even anchor them to the decking on the patio. Holes can be drilled down through the decking and then bolts with washers and nuts attached to the frame. This holds it in place when the wind blows. If a bad storm is coming it isn’t a bad idea to take down at least the shell before the weather front arrives.

Gazebo lights have also been designed especially for the popup gazebos. There is at least one manufacturer who provides not only the gazebo but a matching gazebo chandelier, string lights, and even wicker furniture. 

Another time more portable gazebos or tents are useful is for the wedding mentioned above. If someone is planning to get married at a park or even in their parents yard large gazebos can be rented for such occasions. If renting a gazebo be sure to ask what lighting can be used in conjunction with it.

Popup Gazebo With Sting Lights

Gazbo Lights

Gazebo lights serve the purpose of not only lighting up an area, but they also add more light to areas away from the home after dark. It is never a pleasure to hold a garden party in a pitch black garden. So take the time to choose outdoor gazebo chandeliers carefully for these special buildings.


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