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Emtek Door Knobs

Updated on March 11, 2011

Emtek Door Knobs empower the homeowner, homebuilder or interior designer to make a substantial upgrade without investing too much money. We often overlook door hardware when we glance around our homes wondering how to improve them.  Not only can Emtek Door Knobs improve the overall appearance of your home more than you realize, but because you interact with your door knob hardware on a daily and even hourly basis, they allow you to make a real tangible improvement to your home's quality and value.

Emtek door knobs are of the highest quality and if you're considering door knob hardware and you haven't considered Emtek yet, you really should look into them.  You'll find a century of American manufacturing tradition worked into fine door hardware available in materials like brass, crystal, porcelain and more.

Emtek Door Knobs
Emtek Door Knobs
Emtek Interior Door Knobs
Emtek Interior Door Knobs

Recent decades have experienced a disappointing decline in the quality of American-made high quality hardware. Instead, companies have emphasized high volume manufacturing. Before World Ward II and the Great Depression, the United states featured a thriving and proud industry of high quality and specialty hardware manufacturing.

Thankfully, a shift has occurred in just the last few years. Americans are discovering the long-term value and real tangible satisfaction of quality hardware. In finer homes, specific and distinct hardware has made a comeback. Emtek door knobs are part of this comeback, and Emtek is now in a period of growth and evolution that matches or even outpaces the industry's pre-Depression era aspirations.  Just as people aren't merely staring in the mirror and asking, does P90X work, they're actually getting to work out to beat the bulge, now people are taking quality hardware seriously.

City of Industry, CA, saw the birth of Emtek in 1981 where Emtek was initially a specialty hardware designer and manufacturer that only sold directly to door manufacturers. In the middle Eighties, Emtek expanded to provide high quality brass door levers to specialty hardware distributors in the L.A. area. Over time and without compromising their standards, Emtek expanded both their product selection and their distribution.

While Emtek is now a national provider of decorative and specialty hardware, their growth has been deliberately limited by their desire to maintain a strong workmanship quality with exacting standards. This has paid off in an unquestioned reputation for reliable, high quality products among even the most demanding of home builders and home renovators.

Emtek Door Hardware
Emtek Door Hardware

What Types of Emtek Door Knobs Do You Need?

You'll find four fundamental Emtek door knobs for you to install in your home. Passage door knobs, emtek entrance door knobs, privacy door knobs and dummy door knobs. If you're unfamiliar with this hardware, you may raise an eyebrow at these titles. Dummy door knobs? Let me explain.

Emtek dummy door knobs, or Emtek fixed door hardware, will be utilized for functions like closet or pantry doors. Such Emtek door knobs don't require the latch and hardware of fully functional door hardware. If it is something you just grab and pull without any kind of latch, than it is probably a dummy door knob.

Emtek passage door knobs will be what you find used for many hall or closet knobs. These knobs are essentially fully functional door knobs but without any kind of locks. They're usually constructed of a slightly lighter grade than privacy or entrance knobs. Passage door knobs are implemented in high traffic areas which don't require locking.

Emtek privacy door knobs represent a step up from passage door knobs in that they provide the capability to lock. However, they are normally designed with locks that do not need to be keyed. Bathroom and bedroom doors are the most common places for privacy door knobs. This is an excellent area for an upgrade; believe it or not, door hardware can often match bathroom sinks in tangible and lasting improvement to the feel of your home.

The most robust type of door hardware is the Emtek entrance door knobs. These are yet another step up from privacy door knobs. They feature additional cylinders for key locking and usually come in an overall higher grade (heavier, stronger materials). Many entrance door knobs come with matching bolt locks for additional security.

Door Knob Assembly Installation Tips

Emtek Door Levers
Emtek Door Levers

Where Can You Find Emtek Door Knob Hardware?

While Emtek began as a high quality specialty hardware manufacturer with limited distribution, Emtek door knobs can now be found at hardware dealers within all 50 States and even in many parts of Canada. Emtek only sells their door knobs to reputable and knowledgeable hardware distributors who can do more than just sell their door hardware. These dealers can assist home-builders and homeowners on all technical elements of Emtek hardware and in many cases also provide installation if necessary.

If you're still undecided on the particular door knob hardware you require, Emtek provides their dealers with detailed product displays where you can select just the right Emtek Door Knobs for you.


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