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Genie Garage Door Openers - Reviews, Prices, Spare Parts

Updated on March 19, 2012

On this page we are going to look at Genie Garage Door Openers. We will review some of the products that Genie have to offer, check out garage door opener prices and also tell you where you can buy spare parts from. This page should tell you everything you need to know about Genie garage door openers.

In recent years garage door openers have become ever more popular. There are a few companies such as Chamberlain and Genie who offer simple easy to install openers that are both affordable and reliable. Genie have a long history of producing good quality products and their garage door openers are no exception to the rule. Before we look at some reviews and prices though, let’s take a closer look at the company itself.

Genie The Company

Genie first came into being in 1923, it was initially known as Alliance Manufacturing Company. As you can imagine back then there was no demand for garage door openers and the company built it’s name producing various industrial products. They also worked with the military designing and building many products for them.

In 1954 Genie created the first garage door opener, this was a fairly simple design but it was the start of something that really earned the company a place in the market. Over the coming years Genie brought out the Screw Drive opener which for many years was the biggest seller when it came to openers, the Screw Drive system is still used today and there are many other companies who use a similar design for their openers.

In modern times Genie is still one of the best known manufactures of garage door openers. They are based in America but sell products all over the world. They have some stiff competition these days from other companies but they continue to bring out new technology and hone their design skills.

So now you know a little about the company, what about the product. Well we are now going to review some of the most well known Genie Garage Door Openers you can also get a free Genie quote here. We will also have a look at some prices and where to buy online.

Screw Drive

As we mentioned the Screw Drive was the original design that Genie brought out. They have continued to make this product for over fifty years now. Admittedly the technology has moved on but the mechanism is still going strong. The Screw Drive garage door opener works very simply and has fewer moving parts than other systems. This means there are less parts to go wrong. Although this is probably not the most efficient, quiet or powerful system Genie have in retail, it is possibly the most reliable. They offer a few Screw Drive openers with varying speeds and powers.

As you can see there are a few for sale on Amazon. This is a very good place to buy from as the prices seem to be very competitive and they also have plenty in stock. When you buy a Genie opener you are given full instructions on how to install the system and keep it running smoothly. The system is mounted on the ceiling of the garage and there is a control panel you place on your wall. You also get remote controls with these products that are very simple to use and easy to programme.

Genie Chain Lift Openers

Chain Lift

Another very popular product is the Genie Chain Lift opener. This is marketed as a reliable, quiet and good value garage door opener. There are various other companies offering similar openers and Genie had always been seen as one of the market leaders. The Chain Lift is very easy to install and it can be managed by one person, although two would of course be easier. The parts are simple to put together and many of them are lightweight. The DC motor gives this a good smooth operation while keeping it quiet at the same time.

This one does have a few more moving parts and with repeated use you can find that some of the gears can wear out. It is sensible to add some grease to these every once in a while to keep them running smoothly, if they do wear out you can easily buy spare parts to replace them. The prices of these are openers are quite reasonable and they are often one of the favourite choices of people who are looking to install their own garage door opener.

Belt Lift

Another similar design, the Belt Lift is again mounted to the ceiling of your garage. This is also designed to be quiet and reliable at the same time. Genie offer a few very good Belt Lift openers and they are constantly trying to outdo their competitors when it comes to price and reliability. These openers come with various safety settings and can be used in conjunction with up to 7 different remote controls. This is another one that is easy to install and can be set up with out any real fuss.

Aimed at residential garage doors this product is a big seller for Genie. You get a five year guarantee with this one and a one year guarantee on some of the parts. This is supposedly a very low maintenance opener that is easy to use.

Latest Genie Opener


The latest release from Genie came out early in 2011. This was the long awaited TriloG which combines some of the technology used in other Genie openers. There are two models currently for sale, the 1500 and the 1200. These are designed to be faster, quieter and more powerful than any other residential garage door openers on the market. The 1500 model has an opening speed of 12 inches per second which really is impressive. These two models also feature the latest technology in safety and security. They use things like motion sensors to improve the reliability of the motor, they use specially designed technology to improve the range on the remotes and they also make sure they deliver all this at an affordable price.

Genie are hoping that this next generation of garage door openers will really get them back up to being the market leaders in the field. The company are continually working on ways of improving their products and the TriloG really is an example of what they can do. If you are looking for a top of the range garage door opener then this one really is well worth investing in.

Genie Reviews And Feedback

Since we first published this article we have had quite a bit of feedback from various Genie customers. If you look on the company website there are lots of testimonies from supposed customers who say how wonderful the products and all round service is. In the interest of balance though I thought we would take a few of the comments we have received and summarise them.

The Good - A few customers have commented on the ease of installation. Generally speaking most people seem to be happy with the process saying that the instructions are easy to follow and the setup is pretty simple. Other people have mentioned the competitive prices saying that Genie are very affordable but still offer a good quality product. Overall there has been a few nice comments from customers who have been happy with the product they have purchased.

The Bad - On the flip side there have been some negative comments. People complaining and saying that if something goes wrong with the installation process it can be very difficult to fit it yourself, if you have an odd shaped garage or something like this you may have issues. Some people have even said they were unable to complete the process on there own. One customer complained that his opener had broken three times within a year and he had subsequently had to spend a lot on service calls. Another issue a few people have had is with customer support, if something does go wrong then it appears it can be tricky to actually speak to someone at Genie who is able to help you.

Overall though Genie really do make some excellent products. You can find their garage door openers all over the world and they are always seen as very reliable and easy to install. The prices are competitive and they offer some good value. There are other companies that also offer some excellent openers but Genie are certainly right up there with the best of them. If you are looking to buy a new garage door opener then Genie is well worth a look.


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    • profile image

      Jena 3 years ago

      My husband is a garage door technician. He loves Genie, they give him lots and lots of work.

    • profile image

      Kelly Thompson 5 years ago

      Genie garage door openers suck. They never work, and I have had to have mine removed and a different one put in. The company will not help you. We have had ours serviced 3 times in one year, they said, "but you've only called us 3 times." That must be a good one to them!!! We have $180.00 into service calls on a $250 garage door open. Very bad choice, do not by Genie.