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How to Remove and Kill Moss on Patio

Updated on February 14, 2011

How to remove and kill off moss from your patio

If you own a patio in your garden then chances are you will have green mould and moss growing on it at some point in the year.

The moss can appear anywhere on the slabs but tends to flourish in the mortar joints between each piece. The growth will be more prolific in north facing gardens and those that are sheltered by overhanging tree branches and with tall buildings nearby. In winter any garden will suffer more from the green menace as the ground is damp for longer and there is less sunlight.

While there is no technique or product that will remove it permanently you can apply a chemical treatment once per year that should keep it at bay.


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Here are my tips for a moss free patio:

1) Using a trowel gently scrape off the excess clumps of moss, don't worry about the smaller bits.

2) Sweep the patio with a stiff broom paying extra attention to the mortar joints.

3) Using a sprayer like this, apply a moss chemical such as this evenly over all of the patio slabs and allow to dry fully before allowing anyone else to walk on it.

Most moss killing chemicals that are sold in the United Kingdom become inactive after they have dried, that is why you often see a warning on the label such as:

"keep children and pets off the affected area until fully dried"

Once the area is dry the chemical becomes inert and it is safe to allow family and pets onto the area, chemicals that stay active for long periods of time are now restricted here in the U.K.

Here are my best practices for using moss killing chemicals:

1) Using a sprayer make sure you adjust the nozzle to avoid a fine misty spray that will travel with the wind.

2) Spray down wind so the chemical doesn't blow back into your face.

3) Never use moss killing chemicals when rain is imminent, it may get washed into streams and rivers where it will kill fish.

4) Never mix different chemicals or transfer one chemical into another storage container.

5) Apply the treatment in the morning on a fine day so the area will dry fully before night time.


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