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Linear Garage Door Opener Reviews, Prices, Cheap Spare Parts Online

Updated on February 13, 2012

On this page we are going to review some Linear garage door openers. We are going to review a few different models, take a look at Linear prices and see where you can buy these cheap online. We will also have a look at spare parts and accessories for Linear garage door openers. If you are looking for reviews, price guides, online buying and any other information about Linear then you are in the right place.

Linear are a company that have been around for over fifty years. They specialise in wireless security controls systems ranging from garage door openers to security systems. They sell products all over the world and have long been established as one of the big names when it comes to wireless security. Although in recent years some other companies have dominated the market when it comes to garage door openers, Linear still sell large amounts of these openers on a regular basis. So now you know a little about the company, what about their products.

Garage Door Openers

Linear stock quite an impressive line of garage door openers. These are mainly aimed at residential garages and are easy to install as long as you are capable of following basic instructions. Their latest release, the 800 Newton has been selling very well and is seen as one of the best residential openers currently on the market. The majority of their openers use simple chain and belt drive systems which basically means there is a unit mounted on the ceiling of the garage and this pulls a belt or chain and the door will then slide open along a mounted rail. This technology has been around for a while now and Linear are always looking for ways they can improve their openers to make them more efficient.

The garage door openers that Linear provide are around the middle of the price range, you may be able to pick them up cheaper over on Amazon as they sometimes have some good deals on prices. Each garage door opener comes complete with a multi function wall unit and a remote control. These are not considered the best in the business as the range is not always as good as some other models, but they work reasonably well and are seen to be very reliable.

There are many positive reviews of Linear to be found online and only a handful of more negative reviews. The fact is that if you install these garage door openers properly and then maintain them, they should last you for a long time. When you buy an opener it comes with a lifetime warranty on the actual system and then a 5 year warranty on the gears and rails. So clearly Linear trust their workmanship and know they are making good reliable products. You can also get someone to install these for you, you can get a free quote here.

Buy Spare Parts Cheap Online

Despite these models being very reliable, the fact is that sometimes things do go wrong. Another problem is often that you can lose remotes, break something or just don’t look after things very well. That is why Linear have a wide range of spare parts and accessories available online. You can buy these direct from the company, but if you want them a little cheaper then you can get quite a few things over on Amazon. The prices here tend to vary but if you shop around you can get some really good cheap bargains.

Probably the most popular of Linear products is the cute little Firefly remote control. This is compatible with most Linear openers and is very handy as it has a little key chain. Linear actually sell quite a few little remotes and some of these are tiny, they are very handy if you want a few extra remotes for different household members and different cars. You can also buy wall stations if these have become faulty or damaged. Another handy thing that some people may require is the worm gear kit, this can be bought if your gears have started to wear out, you may find the mechanism slips if worn out, so replacing the gears will have it up and working again in no time.

Although there are certainly bigger companies out there producing garage door opening systems, Linear is still one of the best. Their prices are competitive and there are lots of good write ups and reviews of their products. If they continue to improve the technology they use there is no reason why they can’t be competitive in the market for many years to come. If you are considering buying a Linear garage door opener then this page should have given you a few ideas on what to expect and what kind of thing you might be after.


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