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Maid Service: How and Why You Would Hire Someone to Clean Your Home

Updated on November 9, 2012


It’s no secret that I am allergic to housework and therefore have no useful tips for anyone, since I try to avoid it as much as possible. That said I do have to maintain some cleaning on a regular basis, if nothing more than to be a positive role model for my nephew.

HOWEVER, what could I possibly add to the wealth of wonderful tips that have already been posted? For example:

Brittany Todd's hub is loaded with tips for stain removal of every kind. Not only is she a great writer, but she is quick-her hub landed the number one spot almost as soon as the topic was shared. Hmmm, maybe BT had this hub written and waiting on the side lines...

I loved this one from a guys perspective, posted by Barry Rutherford:

Be sure to catch ALL of the participant's hubs for a wealth of wonderful information on cleaning, green cleaning, stains, pet messes, etc. on the forum thread linked here:

Perhaps, if I had only posted something the first couple of days, then maybe I would have gotten away with my measly little tips. But, that wasn’t the case. Here it is the LAST day, (again), and I am trying to squeeze something in just to make a point to myself.

So…here is a wonderful tip for all you busy housekeepers, bachelors, homeowners, career gals, new moms and grandmothers who have become primary caregivers again: hire a maid service.

Seriously? Yes, seriously consider a maid service for a period of time for the following reasons:


Reasons to Hire a Maid

As a gift

To a new mom, already overwhelmed with the prospect of being alone with a brand new baby. Free her up with the gift of a housekeeper for the first six or eight weeks; to a convalescing loved one-who wants to try to recuperate while worrying about well-wishers dropping by unexpectedly; an elderly relative…Let’s face it, there comes a time when the body just naturally slows down, the eyes don’t see as well to get those spots out, (or even ‘spot the spots), and a friendly maid service would ease the oldster’s mind.

For a party

When it comes to special celebrations sometimes we just want our homes to sparkle and when the list of ‘to do’s’ looks like Santa’s ‘good boy and girl’ list we know we need to call in the troops to help out. It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time, but a ‘before and after’ scrub down may be just the thing to free our minds for other more important considerations, such as who you will seat next to old Uncle Arnie with his disgusting belching habit.

For Distinguished Guests

Every now and again life throws into the mix of things a wonderful event, like a visit from an unexpected guest. If you get great news, like the kind hubber: VocalCoach did when she discovered Dave Brubeck on her doorstep one afternoon requesting to use her Steinway, well, you had better believe that the white glove treatment on the dusty shelves and table tops would be welcomed. You can read all about VocalCoach's experience here:

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How to find a Maid

I’ve just given you several great reasons why one could use a maid service. The next question is how to find one. Well, that’s easy: online or in the telephone book, providing you do still get phone books delivered to your door.

In the yellow pages you will find the listings for: housecleaning or maid service. Many housekeeping agencies are franchised and can be found nationwide, such as Molly Maid, or the Merry Maid Co. Other companies are entrepreneurship businesses and can be just as effective and often less expensive.

If you do decide on a franchised agency you will find that they are pretty standard in price. Here are a couple of additional tips: they should be bonded; they should give you an estimate; there should be a guarantee of workmanship and refund if you are not satisfied; and they should work around your needs and schedule.

I personally have utilized a maid service for a very busy family member as a monthly gift for half a year. It was a double gift, actually-the cost of the maid service = $X.00, the freedom of time it bought for her to concentrate on other areas of her life = Priceless. And, that made me a very, happy gift bearer.


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