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Organize with Storage Cubes

Updated on June 4, 2013

If you are like most people these days, you have a lot of stuff. You have books, you have CDs, you have DVDs, you have papers, you have knick knacks and souvenirs. And it’s fun to have all that stuff, the things that make you happy, the things that are special and important to you. Your personal belongings are an indication of what makes you the person you are. No wonder that when someone new comes to your home that they look at all the things on your bookshelves and walls.

The thing is, sometimes you need more room for all of that stuff. You look around your house or apartment or dorm room and you think, man, I’m just running out of space! You think, jeez, I sure could use some place to put all this stuff! If this sounds like you, then you are probably the perfect candidate for a new set of storage cubes. These handy cubes will give you a place to put all your valuable stuff in an attractive and extremely versatile manner.

No need to buy unattractive crates or boxes - you can organize with storage cubes!
No need to buy unattractive crates or boxes - you can organize with storage cubes!

Types of Storage Cubes

Before we talk about the different kinds of storage cubes that are available to buy, perhaps first we should define exactly what we are talking about when we say storage cubes. Basically, storage cubes are cubes made out of a whole variety of materials with one open end into which you can place your books, CDs, or other personal belongings. What makes storage cubes so convenient, and so popular, is that they are modular. In other words, you can use the individual storage cube units to construct whatever shape and size of storage space you need and desire. You can construct a tower of just a few storage cubes or you can create a whole wall of storage space using many different storage cubes.

This versatility in design extends to the types of materials that storage cubes are made from as well. Storage cubes are made of wood, plastic, metal, wire, and poly vinyl. This means that there are storage cubes available for you to purchase no matter what the style of your home or apartment. If you prefer a more natural look, storage cubes come in a whole range of wooden finishes, including cherry wood, oak wood, honey wood, and more. Wooden storage cubes come painted in many colors as well as in natural wood finishes. If you are going for a more modern look in your home, then you might prefer the modular wire storage cubes. These can look great in a kitchen, pantry, bathroom, or living room. Plastic storage cubes are lightweight and strong and can be perfect for many living spaces as well as for basements, garages, and attics.

Buying Storage Cubes

If you are in the market for a nice set of storage cubes, there are many places you can go to shop. These include stores in your town or city as well as a number of online sites.

For some really great online shopping for storage cubes, you should definitely check out This online retailer has a really excellent selection of storage cubes made in many designs and from many materials. Here you will find great storage cubes made from wood, metal, and vinyl. You can purchase the cubes separately, with or without accompanying shelves or drawers, or you can purchase special sets of three, four, or six storage cubes. Because storage cubes are modular, you can set them up into as many different configurations as there are spaces to put them in. Thus, these storage cubes are a great addition to any home, office, or workspace.

Another spot for storage cube shopping that is available both online and in-store is Staples, the home and office supply store. Staples has a number of storage cube options, depending on your needs. Their Foremost Hold’em Storage System is an excellent way to organize almost any living or work space. With this system, you have a choice of finishes, including painted and natural wood finishes, and options in open storage cubes as well as those with drawers and shelves.

When it comes to storage cubes, the key principle to keep in mind is convenience and versatility. Storage cubes can make any room in any home a better organized and more attractive place. See for yourself just what a difference a new set of storage cubes can make.


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