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Solar Lanterns - Buy Hanging, Soji, Paper, Camping, Chinese or Japanese Lantern Sets on Sale

Updated on June 30, 2011

Solar Lanterns

Are you looking for solar lanterns on sale for cheap prices? Here you will find different styles - hanging, soji, camping, paper, Japanese and various different wilderness and garden lighting to suit your needs. Thanks to technological advances, you can incorporate solar lights into your daily or vacation needs. Solar lights provide six to ten hours or illumination that you can use on patios, decks, garden paths, and even when you go camping in the woods. Former models were often weak and would only output very little lighting; however, advancements with technology and with the aid of LED bulbs --- that has all changed.  Check out all of the products found below through out this page to see all of the latest designs of solar lanterns for sale.

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Solar Lanterns in Pillage Style

Solar Hanging Lanterns - Types of Styles

Just about every different type of solar hanging lanterns that you will come across are run on rechargeable batteries that power LED light bulbs. The reason for this is simply because LED bulbs use very little power to operate on. With a full charge from the sun, the rechargeable batteries can run solar hanging lanterns eight hours or more. products to the right that are in the hanging style come is a wide variety of choices; therefore, you should check out what products that you find attractive from the pictures. Each product will have it's own page with detailed product information.

You'll find different types of styles that vary from appearance for solar hanging lanterns. Some models will be made from copper, where as some will be made from plastic or traditional thin metal. Depending on the specific product, some come with the canes and some do not for hanging. Read over the Amazon product page by clicking the links to the right to see if your favorite solar hanging lanterns offer cane with the products. If they don't, you can always purchase them online at too or through your favorite mass market retailer, such as Wal-Mart during summer months when the store has their home and garden center open.

Soji Solar Lanterns - Types and Colors

Soji solar lanterns are great for parties, weddings and covered patios during the summer months. They offer an illuminating ball of light in the color of your choice, which happens to be several for your personal preference. Choose from white, green, blue, red, purple, pink, yellow and more.

You can choose from quality nylon soji solar lanterns to the right, which can be hung from trees, poles or anything that you desire. Some soji solar lanterns come with amber colored LED bulbs, while the majority have traditional white bulbs for illumination. Some types the right also come with a base stand so that you can place them on tabletops for added glow to your patios.

Soji lanterns come in different sizes. The most common sizes are 10 inch and 12 inch lantern products. You can also choose the links to the right and find POD soji solar lanterns for sale on that are very nice in style.

Solar Camping Lanterns - Types

Solar camping lanterns have become a must for roughing it in the outdoors. With such a high demand, manufacturers have created a wide variety of solar camping lanterns to choose from.

* Depending on the product, you can buy solar camping lanterns that are as little as 5 to 7 inches tall to larger ones that are a foot or more in height.

* Some models, such as the solar camping lanterns come with power options. To conserve energy, you can utilize a slider switch to dim lanterns to using only 3 LED bulbs instead of 6 on the high setting.

How Long Do Solar Camping Lanterns Last?

After a full charge of about five to six hours, you can expect to be able to use a solar camping lantern from an hour to five hours of use, depending on the model and what slider setting that you choose. Solar camping lanterns operate just as traditional solar lights --- a small solar panel charges rechargeable batteries. You can turn off the lanterns when not in use to conserve light.


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