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Futon Bunk Beds

Updated on January 10, 2010

 There are a number of bunk bed choices quickly becoming the most popular especially among older children.  The futon bunk bed consists of a top single size mattress and a full-size futon on the bottom. Futon bunk beds work well with children who have friends sleep-over a lot and who need sitting space when watching movies or playing video games. They aren't as popular with families who have a child sleeping in the bottom every night due to the futon needing to be pulled out and set up each night and then put away each morning.


Futon bunk beds are available in materials such as metal, wood or a metal and wood combination. Futon bunk beds which have the stepping ladder integrated into the side of the structure are very good for small rooms or when conserving space is an issue. This kind of ladder does not extend out and away from the bunk, setting on the floor as a clip-on ladder does. Most of the beds come with foot boards, head boards, and guard rails however you should inquire about this before purchasing so you aren't surprised when getting it home to assemble. If these items are not included with the bed, they can be purchased separately. For safety reasons, guard rails, foot rails, and head boards should be added to the futon bunk bed. The mattress and the futon cushion are usually not included in the purchase price and must be purchased separately. The top bunk requires a standard size twin mattress and the futon cushion is a standard size that will be a full size sleeping area when pulled out. The assembled futon bunk bed on average measures 80"x54"x67" high.

Metal Futon Bunk Bed
Metal Futon Bunk Bed


The average price for an all-metal, all-wood, or metal/wood combination futon bunk bed is around $350.00. Prices increase according to the quality of the bed as well as any extra features that are added.
Futon bunk beds can be converted into 2 separate beds if needed. The top bunk usually has a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Adhering to this maximum weight limit is important to prevent injury.

Flexibility And Uses

Futon bunk beds are a prime example of flexibility in furniture. Not only does it provide a place to sleep, it can easily be converted into a sitting area. The foldable bottom bunk is comparable to a couch seat, only more comfortable. It has all the features of a couch, but with the supreme comfort of a futon. Soft, cushioning materials in the mat make for a very comfortable seat. Watching TV, playing video games and eating meals at the futon can all be done in comfort. Three to four individuals can sit on the futon at once, making for an excellent video game party or sleepover. Since a bunk bed is commonly associated with kids’ bedrooms, it will most likely be used for lounging. With the help of a portable table, the kids can do homework while sitting on the futon.

The top bunk is generally smaller than the bottom, and this is due to the folding nature of the bottom bed. It makes sense to put a smaller child on the top bunk for this reason. Practice with your child on using the ladder safely. Do not allow hanging or jumping off the sides, as the bed could topple. Children often roll and switch positions during the night, which is why the protective railings are there for.

Wood Futon Bed
Wood Futon Bed


Wooden futon beds most commonly have a very square structure with straight beams. Some models will have handy drawers at the bottom where clothes can be stored. However, wood is quite heavy compared with a hollow metal tube futon frame. If you decide to go with a wood bed, make sure you are firm on the final position, as it can be a hassle to move later. Economy class beds may not have many design styles, but higher end ones come in a variety of woods and stains. Choose a stain that matches the bedroom it will be put in. The natural beauty of wood compliments most bedroom designs and styles.

The strength of metal combined with the fact that is can be molded and bent into shapes makes these frames far more flexible than wood. You will find that metal frames are more open and airy because the sides can adhere to curves and shapes. This makes for a more modernistic design choice. A metal futon bunk bed can be painted in a variety of colors and textures to fit any room. A metal bunk bed with futon is a great way to go for people looking for long tern durability.


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