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Shiatsu Massage Chair

Updated on January 10, 2010

Our lives are often bustling with activities and duties that prevent us from taking the time to relax and care for our bodies. However, there is a way to get a deep, relaxing massage at the home or office. A Shiatsu massage chair delivers an unparalleled massage experience using precision crafted mechanics that make it feel like you’re being treated by a professional massage therapist. Shiatsu, otherwise known as acupressure, uses pressure from the hands and palms which is derived from the Chinese meridian system. Shiatsu chairs and pads are designed to simulate this technique. Massage pads easily attach to any chair and can be moved between chairs at the home or office. More expensive full sized chairs deliver a complete massage experience and have added features. We will discuss both in this guide. Choosing the right massage system is critical in relieving pain and soreness in your back and shoulders.

Massage Pad Strapped To Office Chair
Massage Pad Strapped To Office Chair

Chair Massager Pads

A Shiatsu chair massager is a pad that straps on to most chairs. Built into the back of the unit is a set of rotating mechanisms which run up and down the length of your back. Usually the speed and pattern of the mechanisms can be controlled using the built in control pad. While not as advanced as a full chair model, this pad system is great for people who want to experience a great massage at any time. The pad can also be laid down onto a bed for use while sleeping or lounging. When the body is more relaxed in a prone position, the massage becomes more effective. If a specific part of your back needs care, a specific region of the pad can be activated to focus on that spot. A trusted and popular pad is the Homedics shiatsu massage chair.
While not its intended use, you can also wrap the massage pad around your arm or leg to massage these regions. The Shiatsu massage pad is designed with an operating range from the lower back to the lower neck, which delivers relief for people with different pain regions. People of different heights can use the height adjuster function to alter the operating range of the rollers. Some pads heating elements inside that can be adjusted. When the heat is coupled with the massage, it provides a therapeutic benefit that loosens up tight muscles.

Features To Consider:

Shape:  Are you looking for a chair massager that can attach to your chair at home? Or are you seeking a flat pad that can be placed onto your bed? While a chair unit can be used on a bed, Shiatsu massagers also come in a flat pad form that is designed for beds, couches and other flat surfaces. When choosing a chair massager, examine the straps to determine if it will accommodate the chair you intend to use it on.

Heating:  Do you find that you experience cramps and tight muscles in your back and neck? It may be a good idea to get a pad that features heating. The heat works to loosen up the muscles so the massager can do its job better.

Control:  While a full back massage would be soothing for most individuals, some people have specific regions they need to focus on. Consider the programmable functions of the Shiatsu massage chair pad to see if it will suit your needs. Some units have special massage sequences that are on a timer. Lower, middle and upper back regions can be isolated using the control panel.

Comfort:  If you can, try out the pad before you buy to see if the materials are of good quality. Besides the massage functionality, you also want to comfort of the padding and materials.

Luxurious Massage Chair
Luxurious Massage Chair

Massage Chairs

For those looking for deeper massage penetration and more thorough functionality, consider investing in a full sized, dedicated massage chair. Instead of two built in rollers, these chairs often come with four or more. Designed with comfort in mind, you can expect to pay a lot more than a pad. Luxury padding and leathers come together to form the perfect comfort experience. A dedicated chair also expands the regions of your body that get massaged. A calve is commonly attached to these massagers that works the calve muscles on your lower legs. Pre programmed massage sessions allow for one touch use.

Features To Consider:

Shape:  To fully relax in the chair, make sure it allows you to recline. In the reclined position, more body weight is available to press against the rollers for a more thorough massage. Exterior and interior materials need to be taken into account. For instance, leather is luxurious but tends be cold to the touch if it has not been used.

Massage Elements: You really can’t appreciate how good a massage chair is until you try it. Consider getting a chair with added features like calve and thigh massagers. Keep in mind that other people may use the chair. Get one with a heating feature to fully maximize the massage benefits.

Weight:  Shiatsu massage chairs can be quite heavy, so consider where it will go and how it will be moved.

Warranty/Repair: There will come a time when the chair will need repair work. Examine the manufacturer’s warranty to make sure you are protected from defects and unintentional damage.


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      massage business 

      8 years ago

      Wow, a massage chair with temperature control! Have you tried this chair out for yourself? What was your experience?


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