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Top Rated Area Rugs That Are Easy To Clean

Updated on March 7, 2013

Use Easy To Clean Area Rugs In Homes Where Messes Are Inevitable

I live in a home with two cats and a toddler. Messes always happen no matter how diligent I am about stopping them. Rather than living with hardwood floors we decided to buy an area rug that cleans easily. This has been the wisest investment we've made for our home decor.

With the cost of good area rugs easily going into the hundreds we had to shop around. Luckily it's fairly easy to know what rugs will be best and what rugs will be toughest to clean.

Basically there are washable rugs that can be balled up and thrown in a big washing machine and there are area rugs that use polyester or polypropylene pile. With some exceptions these are the easiest types of rugs to wash. If you can't throw it in a washing machine then you'll need to use a good carpet cleaner on it on occasion but it will be much easier than washing other types of carpet.

Below I've featured some top rated area rugs that clean easily from the various types of materials mentioned above. I hope you like one or more of the rugs listed below.

Photo Credit - Miami Brown / Multi Shag Polypropylene Rug by Safavieh

Easy To Clean Polypropylene Area Rugs

Polypropylene area rugs are fairly easy to keep clean. Make sure to blot spills and messes as they happen rather than wiping and scrubbing. When it comes time to clean your rugs standard home use carpet cleaners should work just fine. These area rugs are easy to clean because of the material not the quality or construction. As is typical higher quality rugs tend to perform better over time. If you want something cheaper make sure to see below for links to many machine washable area rugs as well as some of the cheapest rugs for sale on line.

Machine Washable Area Rugs

These rugs aren't usually as sturdy as traditional area rugs but they are super easy to deal with when it comes time to clean them. Most of these require large washing machines but they will not have that sturdy feel that many people want in a good rug. For people looking for a traditional rug I advise buying a discounted polypropylene rug. Many of these are featured lower on this page.

Cheap Area Rugs Are Best For Most People With Pets Or Small Children

Above all I advise people with pets or small kids in the home to just buy a decent area rug deeply discounted or on clearance. If the rug is soiled and can't be cleaned it isn't that large of a loss. You can see some of the best and cheapest area rugs for sale on the following page.

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I also recommend checking out the following pages for fun rugs designed for various places around the house.

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