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Camouflage Bedding Information

Updated on June 6, 2013

Some of us are born outdoors-people. We love to be in the woods, love to see the trees and the animals. Some of us are hunters and some of us are hikers. There really is nothing like a cool fall day in the forest or out at the lake, deer hunting, duck hunting, or just spending time with nature. It gives us a chance to unwind, to let go of our worries, all of those bills and our jobs, those things we leave back in town. It’s really one of the best things, to take our dog, maybe a couple friends, and head out to the out of doors.

And when it comes to nature, to spending time with it, there’s nothing like camouflage to bring back the memories. Just the sight of a camouflage coat or pair of pants, a hunter’s cap or shirt, will bring those wonderful memories back. We are brought back to hunting trips we took when we were kids, those fishing expeditions with our dad, even that funky old cabin we stayed in with our buddies a couple years ago. And if this sounds like you, someone who loves the memories that camouflage can bring back, why not bring them to sleep with you? Why not get a cool set of camouflage sheets or a camo comforter? You’ll be comfortable, you’ll be cozy, and you’ll feel like you’re in the woods!

Camouflage is not limited to war, you can have camouflage bedding.
Camouflage is not limited to war, you can have camouflage bedding.

Finding Camouflage Bedding

If you’ve never thought about having camouflage bedding on your bed, you might think it will be hard to find. But actually, camouflage bedding is quite popular. You can find it at many stores that sell other kinds of bedding, both online and off. Any number of retailers sell camouflage bedding, including every component you will need, from comforters to sheets to bed skirts and more.

One great place to find all your camouflage bedding needs is the online retailer Cabela’s. This store stocks camouflage bedding in a number of different patterns, including their Duckblind pattern and their Hardwoods Green pattern. They carry individual camouflage bedding pieces such as sheets and pillow cases or you can opt to go for one of their camo bedding sets, such as the Camo EZ Bed Set. This set includes fitted and flat sheets, pillow cases, a comforter, shams, a bed skirt, and throw pillows. With this set you will be decked out in camouflage bedding in no time flat. You can even purchase camouflage curtains and make your bedroom into a veritable hunting lodge.

Another spot you might consider visiting when looking for camouflage bedding is Walmart. Walmart carries several different types of camouflage bedding, including the Camouflage Comforter Set and the My Room Geo Camo Bed in a Bag. Kids who love to play soldier will love the Geo Camo set, heading off to bed in a two-step march. And their parents will love it too. With this camouflage bedding, you’ll be able to set up a child’s bedroom in no time, saving money while you do.

If you are looking for camouflage bedding with a bit more feminine look, you might want to try the folks over at Bass Pro Shops. Their All Purpose Pink Camouflage Bedding Collection will bring a bit of brightness and color into the bedroom while bringing in a bit of the woods as well. This camouflage bedding features beautiful winter branches on a background of lovely, bright pink. And if you really want to dress up the room, you can add drapes to your order in the same pattern and color. After all, no one ever said that the woods were only for the boys!

Finally, if you are someone who is serious about their camouflage, how about heading on over to the spot that specializes in it? At the Camo Shop, you will find just about everything you ever needed in camouflage patterns, and this includes camouflage bedding. This store not only carries camouflage bedding for children and adults, they even offer camouflage bedding for babies! Here, you can purchase the Mossy Oak Crib Set or the Armed Forces Military Crib Set. With either of these sets, even your littlest one can get in on the camouflage bedding trend.

As you can see, when it comes to camouflage bedding, there are a lot of options, perhaps even more than you would have thought. Boys, girls, men, women, and even babies can enjoy the out of doors while nestled safely in their warm beds. Surely someone in your family would love camouflage bedding.


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