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Fleece Blankets for Warmth

Updated on June 3, 2013

When’s a good time for a fleece blanket? Well, how about Saturday night, curled up in front of the television watching a good movie? Or, what about a school-day afternoon, when your son or daughter wants you to read to them from their favorite book? Or, maybe out at the football game with a thermos of coffee or hot apple cider? So, when’s a good time for a fleece blanket? Just about anytime!

Fleece blankets are warm. They are soft. They are comfy. You can purchase a fleece blanket for yourself and your family, and they make great presents too. You can get your fleece blanket customized with family crests or the logo of your favorite hockey team. You can even make your own completely no-sew fleece blanket, which is a great activity for the whole family.

Fleece blankets come in just about any color imaginable.
Fleece blankets come in just about any color imaginable.

The Fleece Difference

But what is it that makes fleece blankets a great choice, whether for the home, the car, or the sports arena? It’s the fact that fleece is not only one of the warmest fibers made, it is also one of the most light weight. Fleece is much lighter and more compact than wool or cotton, and yet it has greater insulating power than either of these materials. Therefore, you can stuff a fleece blanket in your pack or under your arm and take it almost anywhere. Second, fleece is water resistant but is also a highly breathable fabric, so that perspiration can move from your body to evaporate in the air. This is great for snuggling up with a friend on a cool day or night.

Buying a Fleece Blanket

There are any number of outlets you can go to to purchase a fleece blanket. Before you start shopping, however, it might be good to become familiar with the different terms you might run into in regard to fleece blankets. First of all, fleece blankets are often labeled in terms of ounces or grams per linear yard of material. Those fleece blankets with a heavier weight will be thicker, which translates to a warmer blanket.

Second, you might see the words fleece blanket, fleece throws, and fleece stadium blankets as you go about your shopping. Fleece throws are those smaller-sized blankets that you might see people draping, or “throwing,” over their shoulders at a football game in the winter. For this reason, these types of blankets are also called a stadium fleeces. Fleece blankets, on the other hand, are full-sized and correspond to the general classifications for bedding:  king, queen, full, and twin.

Fleece Retailers

For a complete line of fleece blankets, a good place to start your shopping is the well-known catalogue company, JCPenny. This retailer has a great selection of fleece blankets in every size you might need, whether for the kids’ beds or your own. JCPenny carries the Reversible Vellux/Fleece blanket, with one side made from velvet-like Vellux and the reverse made from warm, pill-resistant fleece. This is a light weight blanket that is good for year round use. The Ever Soft line of fleece blankets is also a popular item. The satin trim on these blankets is as soft and comfy as the fleece itself.

For customized fleece blankets, you may want to check in with the people at Crooked Brook. This online store offers fleece blankets and throws that can be embroidered with whatever design or text you wish. Crooked Brook is particularly proud of the high quality of their fleece blankets and of their specialty embroidery service. You can purchase individual fleece blankets or can buy them in quantity at a reduced cost. These individualized blankets are great to give as gifts.

Make It Yourself Fleece Blankets

Do it yourself fleece blanket making has become a hugely popular activity in the United States. And why not? What is a better gift for someone you care for than the gift of warmth and coziness? What’s more, making fleece blankets doesn’t require skill in sewing because it is a completely no-sew method.

To make your own fleece blanket, all you will need are two pieces of fleece in whatever pattern and color you like, a pair of good scissors, and a ruler or measuring tape. You will then simply measure out two same-sized pieces of fleece material and match the edges together. Then, cut out notches every inch so along the entire circumference of your material so that there is a one inch fringe remaining. Finally, tie the corresponding front and back pieces of fringe together into double knots. Voila, you will have a custom made fringe blanket to give away to friends and family or to use around the house.

Whether home made, custom made, or made by your favorite department store, fleece blankets stand for luxurious warmth and comfort. They are a little like love in a blanket.


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