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Bamboo Sheets, Clean and Comfortable

Updated on June 12, 2013

The bed you sleep in should be the most luxuriant spot in your home. Your sheets should be warm and soft; they should be silky and smooth. After all, you spend a third of your entire life between your sheets. Your bed should also be clean. It should be free of bacteria and free of fungi that can attack the skin and even make you ill. In other words, your bed should be a true refuge of luxury and cleanliness.

All of what’s been said you already know. But did you know that sheets made from bamboo fibers provide exactly these vary qualities? Did you know that bamboo fiber is one of the softest and most luxuriant materials on the planet earth? Did you also know that bamboo is rated as one of the cleanliest materials that bed sheets can be made of? Well, if you didn’t know before, you do now!

Bamboo Sheets come in many colors and are silky soft.
Bamboo Sheets come in many colors and are silky soft.

Bamboo: The Softest Fiber

Over the past several years, people have been discovering just what a wonderful material bamboo can be for the manufacture of bed sheets. Ask anyone who owns a set of these sheets, and they will tell you just how soft they are. In fact, bamboo fiber is one of the softest materials we know of. Sheets made from this material are softer even than Egyptian cotton, which is saying a lot. Leaders in the sheet industry prize bamboo for its drape, which resembles that of silk. Unlike silk, however, a set of bamboo sheets will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Bamboo: The Cleanest Fiber

But the luxuriant softness of bamboo sheets is only half the story. The other fact about bamboo is that it is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungus. One of the reasons that bamboo is one of the most abundant plants in the world is the fact that it is so resistant to pests, diseases, and fungal infections. In fact, bamboo fiber contains a natural antifungal and antibacterial material called bamboo kun. What this means is that the sheets made from bamboo fiber carry this same ability to fight germs and fungus.

Studies have been conducted to demonstrate this inherent cleanliness of bamboo sheets. One such study was performed by the China Industrial Testing Center. In this test, bamboo fabric was inoculated with the potent bacteria Staphylococcus aureous and allowed to incubate for a full 24 hours. After this 24 hour period, the bamboo fiber was tested for live Staphylococcus bacteria. The study showed that up to 99% of the bacteria had been eliminated through the antimicrobial properties of the bamboo fiber. Another  study demonstrated similar results in people who slept in bamboo sheets and who were sufferers of athlete’s foot. These people showed markedly reduced incidence of the fungus that cause the condition.

Thus, bamboo sheets are the bed clothes of choice for those who demand the cleanest of sleeping conditions. These sheets are also recommended for those who suffer from allergies, especially for people sensitive to fungi and molds. Because bamboo fibers wick moisture and perspiration away from the body, molds and fungus cannot get a toe hold in the sheets and then begin to grow.

Bamboo Sheets: A Very Green Choice

Many people today are concerned for the environment. This is because we understand that a healthy environment keeps us healthy too. What’s more, we wish to pass on the beauties of nature to our children, and to our children’s children. For these reasons, bamboo sheets make good sense too.

Because of its natural resistance to pests and fungi, bamboo can be grown without use of pesticides and fungicides. These chemicals therefore do not wash off the bamboo to get into the soil and water. What’s more, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and it grows readily in many climates and in many countries. Thus, bamboo is a completely renewable resource. When you buy a set of bamboo sheets, you can be sure you are helping to keep our planet green and healthy.

Bamboo Sheets for Everyone

Given their cleanliness and comfort, bamboo sheets are a good idea for everyone in your family. And since this fiber is so well sought by makers of fine bed clothing, bamboo sheets are available in all sizes, including twin, full, double, queen, and king sizes. Everybody can benefit from the healthful properties of the bamboo fiber while sleeping in the absolute lap of luxury.


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    • slock62 profile image

      slock62 7 years ago from Florida

      Great very informative hub. The next time I need sheets I will definitely look into bamboo. I may think about switching anyway. I have lots of problems with skin viruses

      if they would help I would be overjoyed. I'm sooo...tired of itching. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Sehnonimo profile image

      Sehnonimo 7 years ago from San Bruno, CA

      I know, right? Bamboo is a pretty amazing plant. I was shocked to hear it could be made into fabric as well! Thanks for the comment!

    • restoremyheart profile image

      restoremyheart 7 years ago

      Seems almost unbelieveable, that bamboo can be made into sheets? Great hub, enjoyed learning about bamboo sheets:)