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Down Alternative Comforter

Updated on June 4, 2013

Are you one of those people who would love to have a goose down comforter but just can’t, because of your allergies? This can be quite frustrating, considering how comfortable and how warm a goose down comforter is. Those allergic to goose down, or to the dust mites that can inhabit a goose down comforter, may feel left out. Why do they have to sleep feeling cold when everyone else is warm and comfy?

Fortunately, for those people with allergies associated with real down, there are a number of excellent alternatives. Various manufacturers make a down alternative comforter that can be as warm and luxuriant as the real thing. What’s more, this alternative down comforter comes with a lower, sometimes much lower, price tag than do down comforters. Read on to discover the benefits and pleasures of the down alternative comforter.

Nothing like a lazy day in a down alternative comforter.
Nothing like a lazy day in a down alternative comforter.

Types of Down Alternative Comforters

The down alternative comforter is made from a whole range of various materials, all with their own advantages. Chief among these advantages, however, is their hypoallergenic qualities. Even those people with highly sensitive allergies to down or to dust mites can use the alternative comforters with no problem.

Some of the best alternative down comforters are made with genuine silk filling. The advantage to silk comforters is that they are extremely warm and quite soft but do not cause the allergic reactions many people have to down. Although when well made they are comparable to down comforters in their ability to keep you warm and comfortable, they are often less expensive than comforters made with goose down.

These days, some comforters are made with a synthetic down. The point is to make a comforter that is as light and warm as a goose down comforter but without the same problems and price. Synthetic down may not be quite as luxuriant as its real cousin, but it can be a good down alternative for some people, considering its reasonable price and genuine warmth. These comforters are also quite easy to take care of.

The same thing can be said about comforters made from polyester down. These down alternative comforters are light and airy, just like goose down, but can often be purchased at a mere fraction of the cost. Another great advantage to polyester down comforters is the fact that they can be machine washed, something you usually can’t do with a real goose down comforter, saving you yet more time and money.

Finally, some people enjoy a comforter made with a wool fill. Wool is extremely warm and ultra light. Next to silk alternative comforters, wool comforters are one of the best quality bed covers you can find. These comforters will likely be more expensive than polyester or synthetic down, but they will cost less than goose down and will still keep you warm and toasty at night. Like goose down comforters, you will have to have your wool comforter dry cleaned.  For many people, this small disadvantage will not outweigh the superior comfort.

Buying a Down Alternative Comforter

For some really good deals on a down alternative comforter, you probably should check out the website at These online retailers have a wide selection of alternative down comforters at discount prices. Alternative comforters with thread counts as high as 330 are sold for under fifty dollars—a pretty impressive deal. The Overstock website allows customers to add their reviews for the various comforters too, which can make shopping for an alternative down comforter a lot easier.

Of course, spots like JC Penny, WalMart, and Target all sell a selection of alternative down comforters as well. Check out these retailers’ websites or head down to your local shopping center for some great prices on some excellent alternative comforters.

Stay Comfortable, Stay Warm

As you can see, there is no reason why you can’t sleep in comfort, even if you are one of those people who has problems with real goose down. A down alternative comforter is an excellent options for your sleeping pleasure.


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