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Drafting Chair Shopping Results

Updated on August 16, 2010

Office chairs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  Picking one chair for your personal use is easy, just check online and find the one that suits you best.  Choosing the right drafting chair to set up an office is a little more difficult.  When you are buying ten, twenty, or even more office chairs to furnish an office you have to consider the office decor, the comfort of the chairs, and finally pricing. 

The main concern of bulk buyers is that they find the right product before they make a large order.  Many dealers will give you a discount if you buy chairs in bulk, but it is important to find the right model of chair before you spend that kind of money.  So in this article we will discuss some available options drafting chairs in different sizes, materials, styles, and shapes to give you an idea of what chairs are best used in which settings.

Leather executive drafting chairs

If a creative director works most of the day on his office chair, why not get him a chair that he will be the most comfortable on and boost his creativity and stamina? A leather drafting chair could be a good thing to get for the executive offices of your company's top managers. Of course, these chairs can be more expensive, but they have a commanding air, are conducive to long hours of work, and are a comfortable choice for the larger offices of your executive management. Here is one example of a leather executive office chair.

The Art Director Executive Leather Chair features thick cushions to make it as comfortable as possible. The seat is also designed to be used for long hours and prevents common back pains from working at the computer. With rich buffalo leather covering on the seat and back of the chair, this chair will be perfect for management, directors, and heads of departments. This product is available on Amazon for only 180 dollars.

Cheap office chairs

The following examples offer cheap office chairs for your regular office staff.

1. Classroom drafting chair.  This chair is adjustable to 28.5 inches and has a 360 degree footrest, swivel, and pneumatic lift.  The chair is comfortable, but simple, and is a very cheap drafting chair, at only 52 dollars.  One customer commented that it was the cheapest chair he has seen online yet of that quality.  He continued to describe it as easy to set up and durable.  If you are planning to purchase this chair, consider that it only has a 30 day warranty, and the foot, swivel rest is fragile, as another buyer commented.  He said that after two months the rest was broken making the chair uncomfortable and unsafe.

2. Drafting stool with black fabric.  This chair, available on is a cheap chair.  Although most furniture on this site is rather expensive, this chair is one of the more reasonably priced ones at only 82 dollars each.  With pneumatic lift, 360 degree swivel, comfortable black fabric cushioning, the chair is good for regular office staff.

4. Drafting chair with footrest.  This is another chair sold on for only 64 dollars.  This chair is a new model, sturdy, but small.  If you are looking for something simple that will not take up much office space, but that will look nice, than this might be the product for you.  With a simple black material covering on the seat and back, it will provide a clean, neat look to the office.

If you need to stay within a limited budget and want to find the cheapest chairs available, you could always try searching for used drafting chairs.  Yet, if you are looking for quality, it is best that you buy new simple chairs that will last for longer.


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