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Want to Save Your Water Bills... Get a Dual Flush Converter!

Updated on March 7, 2015

A dual flush toilet is the type of toilet that that gives you the options whether to flush with half the normal amount of water or go with the full flush. Normally, a half flush is enough to clean the toilet bowl especially for liquid waste and this is quite true if you have even placed chlorine tablets or toilet bowl cleaning agent into the tank.

It is estimated that with the use a dual flush toilet, a family that consists of four people can save up to 20,000 gallons of water per year. Well, that's a lot and imagine how much money that you can save having installed a dual flush toilet?

The dual flush system is revolutionary in the sense that it enables you to choose between the two settings so you and your family can easily conserve water several times per day. So it makes sense that this dual flush toilet has become quite popular nowadays and which, people or business who want to remodel their toilets will surely opt for it.

The only down side about installing this type of toilet is the cost; it is quite expensive compares to the normal type. And this is also the reason why many people hesitate to replace their existing toilet with a dual flush toilet. The cost of installation and flooring can cost quite a lot.

Dual Flush Toilet
Dual Flush Toilet

Now have you wondered if there's a way that you can save water when flushing the toilet without needing to spend money on buying a new one with the dual flush functionality?

If you own a traditional two-piece toilet, then you can easily have it converted into a dual flush toilet without involving many cost (note that one piece toilet normally has the dual flush feature). Just buy a dual flush converter that costs only about twenty to thirty dollars and you are ready to convert your old and inefficient water flushing toilet into a new and cost saving one.

Moreover, installation is very easy and you do not need to call up your local plumber to help you on this. One of the best conversion kit and has been a bestseller on Amazon is HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter.

How Does a Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Works?

Dual Flush Converter
Dual Flush Converter

The dual flush conversion kit consists of totally new inner parts for your toilet; this includes the whole flushing mechanism and a new flush handle. In other words, you have to throw away the old fittings and have it replaced with this dual flush converter.

So if you have a leaking flapper, this problem will be eliminated entirely as the conversion system kit does not utilize a flapper to work. Once properly installed, it enables you to select the quantity of water to use for a flush with the new handle/ button provided.

Installation of such system is very easy as a step by step installation manual guide is provided along with the kit. Installation can be done as fast as under half an hour.

Benefits of Using a Dual Flush Converter

  • Water conservation without having to spend a lot and a cheaper water bill can now be materialized in your home by using a dual flush converter kit.
  • You can install the kit yourself by following the simple instructions provided without needing to hire a plumber.
  • Moreover, you don't have to throw away your existing and well functional toilet for a new dual flush toilet. That's a total waste and why not put it into use with just a simple conversion kit?
  • Dual flush system also reduces septic tank overflows, waste water and sewage overload. There are a lot of costs you can save on that.
  • If you own a commercial building with restrooms, installing a dual flush conversion kit for more water usage efficiency is tax deductible (pls check with your local authority regarding this).
  • Fits on almost all types of two piece toilets.

Before purchasing a dual flush toilet conversion kit, do take your time to do your own research and compare the available options in the market so that you'll find the right one for you. If you own a two piece toilet, then it will surely can be fixed with a dual flush converter.

A dual flush toilet converter is a versatile system and it can fit most of the toilet out there. However, if you are using a toilet from certain model and brand, you may have to reassure about this. These sanitary ware manufacturers might have different designs for their products.

Don' forget also to check if your chosen dual flush toilet converter is backed with money back guarantee. With this term, you will be able to test if the dual flush conversion work well on your toilet and to make sure that it can deliver what is promised. Most probably that you won't find any problem with them.

You can buy a dual flush toilet converter from any hardware store, departmental store, specialty store, hypermarket and etc. If you prefer to go online, the best place to go is none other than Amazon. It is the most trusted marketplace on the internet so everything sold through them is backed with 100% money guarantee back.

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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks for the comment. This method is definitely far more cheaper than having to buy a new dual flush toilet instead.

  • whitton profile image

    whitton 7 years ago

    Nice Hub. Very useful information. This could definitely be an alternative instead of a dual flush toilet and probably less expensive.