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Get Clean Water With A Water Purification System

Updated on January 9, 2010

Water treatment plants are designed to provide us with fresh, clean water that is safe to drink. However, many times their filtering techniques are not sufficient enough to keep harmful byproducts out of our water. Poor taste and lack of clarity are just two signs that the water in your area may be improperly filtered. Chances are you want to take matters into your own hands to provide clean water to you and your family, and there is a way to do just that. A water purification system filters water from your city lines and makes it safe to drink, clean and cook with. A purification system can come in many forms, including refrigerator units, water pitcher filters, faucet adapters, and large scale units built into your home. Choosing one or more of these methods is the best way to obtain safe water. We will discuss the specifics of these methods to help you make the best decision.

Several Types Of Faucet Filters
Several Types Of Faucet Filters

Faucet Filters

Filtering water does not need to be an expensive endeavor. For a modest price you can have a kitchen faucet filter system installed. The unit sits either under the sink or on your countertop. Water flows through the system and clean water flows out of a separate faucet. Unwanted contaminates are collected in a filter which needs to be periodically replaced. A good filter will remove unwanted particles while leaving healthy minerals in the water. Reverse Osmosis systems remove the minerals from the water which would otherwise be healthy for consumption. There are several high-tech filters on the market which I would recommend. These include carbon filters, sub micron filters, and ion exchange. Some systems will combine the effectiveness of one or more methods to achieve almost perfect filtration.

A less intrusive and instant water filtering technique is a screw-on faucet filter that attaches directly to your tap. The company Pur, for example, manufactures these types of filters. In this system, there are two channels for water to flow. When washing dishes, for example, the water flows at full rate through one channel. With a simple twist of the filter, water is diverted through a second channel and fresh water comes through. This is a convenient way to obtain water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and more. Filters will need to be replaced as they wear out. I recommend purchasing filters that are made by the brand your filter is for best compatibility.

A Pitcher Water filter
A Pitcher Water filter

Pitcher Filters

A pitcher water filter holds water which is filtered when poured out the spout. These use replaceable cartridges with a set filtering limit. When looking for a pitcher filter, consider the cost of each filter over time based on the amount of water you plan to use. Since the cartridges have a set filtering limit (usually around 50 gallons), you can calculate costs over time. Remember that a pitcher unit will most likely be used exclusively for providing drinking water. This is probably the most easy and cheapest way to obtain water purification systems for your home.

Refrigerator Water Filters

Fridge filters are easy to install, last for a long time (about 6 months), and are relatively cheap. If you have or plan to own a refrigerator with a water dispenser, consider installing a water filter inside. While your fridge can be used without this filter, you will be receiving plain tap water from the dispenser. Calcium deposits in the water can build up in your fridge and reduce its lifespan. Different filters perform different levels of filtration. Some only filter chlorine while other do more, such as pesticide removal. A fridge filter is a passive, low maintenance way to remove chlorine, bad tastes and odors that could be tainting your water. Most of them are designed to leave healthy minerals in the water, too. A compressed carbon cartridge inside each filter yields a large capacity for contaminate removal. Impurities are absorbed and stored in the carbon block until it reaches max capacity and must be replaced.

Reverse Osmosis Tanks
Reverse Osmosis Tanks

Home Filter Systems

In all actuality, the long term costs of buying bottled water can cost you more than having home water purification systems installed. There are a couple effective ways to filter the water of your entire home. The first method is a charcoal-based filter system. Activated charcoal can remove chlorine and other contaminates that cause bad taste and odor. There are other minerals that you don’t want in your water such as lead, mercury and magnesium which are also effectively removed using charcoal. As with most systems, you will need to periodically replace a filter cartridge.

Another reliable system uses reverse osmosis to filter water. A reverse osmosis water purification system can remove hard minerals, pesticides and chemicals from your water supply. An osmosis forces water through a semi-permeable membrane material. The “membrane” as it is called has extremely fine holes which let only the smallest of molecules flow through. As the water passes through, larger particles are left behind, resulting in fresh water. A whole house water filter may be the most installation intensive of the filter systems, but can pay off over time.

Learn How To Change Home Filtration Filters


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      HealthyHanna 6 years ago from Utah

      I appreciate your information here. Water filters are important for your health.

      In my opinion, everyone needs to use one.

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      gayatri 7 years ago

      i want to know that how can clean water purify

    • profile image

      Joey Bennett 7 years ago

      Water filtration systems can be very beneficial and should be a staple in the home or office. Since there are many types of filters, it will be easy to find one that suits your needs. Having an under the sink water filter is also much more convenient than bottled water and it will safe money in the long run. Thanks for the great hub!