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Chocolate Fountains

Updated on January 10, 2010

Chocolate fountains are relatively a new addition to the kinds of party equipment seen at weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, corporate get-togethers and other special events and celebrations. The fountains pump melted chocolate up the inside of the fountain for the chocolate to flow over the tiers. More popular items that are dipped into the flowing chocolate are strawberries, marshmallows, biscuits and other bite size pieces of fruits. Fountains are a great party idea and have definitely become a hit at many parties and get-togethers. There are even small fountains available that can be used at home.

3-Tier Fountain
3-Tier Fountain

Fountains For Consumers

If you’re looking to enjoy a fountain at home, there are consumer models available for reasonable prices. A two tier fountain that holds about 2 pounds of chocolate can be obtained for around $60. These models are designed to be used around the home or any occasion. They make a big impact at birthday parties. Once the chocolate has become warm, it will begin to flow through the internal pump and start flowing from the tier(s). The more tiers the unit has, the greater the effect. As “rivers” of scrumptious chocolate come rippling down the tiers, you can dip fresh fruit or even candy into the stream. Place the morsels on toothpicks for smooth eating.
Chocolate is supplied in the form of bricks or chips and is placed into the melting pot. In just a few minutes, the chocolate will melt. Don’t be limited by common chocolate varieties, either. White, dark and flavored chocolates can be used in the fountain. Avoid certain varieties that have pieces of candy or fruit, as these can clog the pump. Consider trying out delicious chocolate fountain recipes that can be found on the internet.


Renting a chocolate fondue fountain can often be less expensive than a wedding cake. There are a few things you need to consider when renting a chocolate fountain with one being whether the fountain is made of hygienic stainless steel since this is a must with food products being consumed. You also want to find out if an attendant is included in the rental rate or if there is an additional cost for having an attendant maintain the fountain, keep the table and area tidy during the event and to supply skewers and the food to be dipped into the chocolate. Find out if the rental rate includes the set-up of the fountain, the insertion of chocolate as well as the tear down and clean up. It’s very important to find out what kind of chocolate will be used in the fountain since couture chocolate is the only type that will flow properly in the fountain and has the best flavor. If this type of chocolate is not used, cooking oils must be added to the chocolate which degrades the texture of the chocolate and its consistency. Chocolate fountains are definitely a hit among all kinds of events and are enjoyed by all ages.

A chocolate fountain rental costs on average $329.00 for a 29" unit, $429.00 for a 35" unit and $579 for a 50" unit. The rental fee will usually include a attendant to maintain the flow of the chocolate, keep the table and area tidy and provide additional skewers and the food choices you have decided on for dipping. Some of the choices for dipping are strawberries, marshmallows, biscuits, cubes of cheese, meat and other varieties of fruit.

Chocolate Wafers
Chocolate Wafers


There are a number of different sizes of chocolate fountains to choose from. Commercial chocolate fountains vary in size with the most common ones being the 44 inch tall unit. It holds a maximum of 20 pounds of chocolate, weighs 55 pounds, and serves a total of 150 plus guests. To purchase this unit would cost around $2,999.99. The 27 inch unit holds a total weight of 17 pounds of chocolate. The fountain weighs 27 pounds and serves 150 plus guests. The cost for this unit is around $1,999.99. The 23 inch unit holds a maximum of 7 pounds of chocolate, weighs 23 pounds and serves 50-75 guests. The cost for this unit is around $1,199.99.


The world's largest chocolate fountain is featured at the Ballagio Promenade in Las Vegas. It stands a whooping 27 feet tall and circulates 2,100 pounds of melted dark, milk, and white chocolate at a rate of 120 quarts per minute. A chocolate fountain is something to consider for any function, event or celebration you may be planning as it’s sure to be a hit with all ages. It can be hard to find chocolate fountains for sale locally, but they can be found in abundance on the internet.


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