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Electric Deep Fryer

Updated on January 10, 2010

Using an electric deep fryer, you can make delicious fried foods right at home. A fryer conveniently heats up oil of your choice to the perfect temperatures for frying. Anything and everything can be fried up at home including chicken, mozzarella sticks, French fries and fish. When used properly, these fryers are very safe. Even the smaller models can cook up ample servings in one sitting. Lower end models usually feature a pot-like shape with a removable storage lid. Higher end models include more features such as an immersion rack and adjustable temperatures. Small units can cook up foods in just a few cups of oil. The cooking capacity varies depending on the size and power of the fryer. Choosing the right deep fryer depends on the features you want and the amount of people you intend to feed. Let’s go over some of the features available to give you the best chance of finding the right one.

Small Deep Fryers

Small electric deep fryers offer limited features but can cook up delicious food nonetheless. Small fryers usually look like a small bucket. A safety handle stays cool even when the fryer is hot to prevent burning hands. Once plugged in, the unit will heat up to the ideal frying temperature for most foods. With a capacity of around 4-6 cups of oil, you can cook up enough food in one sitting for a large family. To save money on oil, you can strain used oil and save it in the bucket using the plastic lid. Oil can be kept in the bucket until the next use without refrigeration. Saving your oil can add to the flavor of your fried foods, and is a common practice among some restaurants. Just be sure to use proper straining techniques and tools to clean out the oil.

Unlike larger units which use a basket to immerse and remove foods, a small fryer uses a lift-and-drain scoop. The scoop is used to turn the food pieces for even cooking. When done, the scoop drains excess oils through the slotted holes. Excess oil should always be removed from fried foods and then patted dry with a rag or paper towels. A hand scoop is a lot less messier than a full sized fryer basket because the basket retains a lot of oil which drips everywhere. When cooking, you will want to cover the top of the fryer to prevent hot oil from splashing everywhere. If your unit does not come with a splatter shield, you can use pasta strainer mesh or something similar. Never seal the top of the fryer, as you can get burned from the steam when removing it.

Larger electric deep fat fryers may be more expensive, but offer additional features which makes frying more fun and easy. A strainer basket makes it easy to put food in and remove it. Foods like chicken strips and onion rings can be placed in the basket and removed with the attached handle. Gloves should be work during removal, as the handle will be hot. Larger capacity fryers mean that more food can be served in one sitting. As a general rule, one cup of oil will make one serving of food. A 10 cup fryer could comfortably accommodate a birthday party or special gathering. Some units will feature an open top while other will have one that can be closed. A closable lid eliminates the need for using a separate cover.

While the smaller units heat up to a pre-set temperature, large fryers are equipped with adjustable temperature controls to fine-tune your cooking methods. For example, doughnuts need a lower cooking temperature than breaded fish. A built-in temperature sensor can tell you exactly how hot the oil is. All too often we forget about our cookies baking in the oven or the boiling water on the stove. A timer on your fryer can be an important addition to prevent burning or oil fires. If fried food starts to burn, it can get really smelly and become a fire hazard. Use the built in timer to remind you when the food is done.

Presto Bucket Fryer
Presto Bucket Fryer

Product Highlights:

Presto Electric Deep Fryer:   Presto is a well known brand in the fryer industry and makes a full line of deep fryers for consumer use. This model makes four servings using four cups of oil. It has a snap on lid that can be used to store used oil. Once plugged in, the unit immediately starts to heat up to the perfect frying temperature. The compact design allows it to be placed in even small kitchens.

General Electric Large Fryer
General Electric Large Fryer

General Electric Deep Fryer:    This GE fryer has a 4 liter capacity to cook up large amounts of food. The stainless steel construction features easy-to-clean, removable parts. Food is placed in the basket and immersed into the cooking chamber. It features adjustable temperature controls and a built in timer. The removable splash guard keeps hot oil from splashing onto your counter and skin.


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