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Electric Wine Chillers

Updated on January 10, 2010

Wine chillers range in designs from the single bottle chiller to large, multi-bottle refrigerators. Besides keeping your wines at the perfect temperature for drinking, a chiller can provide the perfect environment to age wines to achieve the best taste. While the refrigerator that you keep food in at home can chill your bottles, a chiller specifically designed for wine has added features that keep the bottles in prime conditions. Your standard refrigerator generally keeps items at a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A wine chiller effectively keeps your bottles “chilled” at around 40 degrees, which is the perfect drinking temperature.

You may be wondering what type of chiller is best for you. A wide variety of built in features are designed to serve different needs. Lower end models such as single-bottle, quick chill units are great for casual users looking to break out a bottle on the fly for just about any occasion, but don’t have the need to store multiple bottles in a large unit. A frequent wine drinker or wine collector may enjoy the benefits of having a large fridge unit to keep multiple bottles in. Larger units have the advantage of providing a dedicated place to store and age wines for the best taste. Many offer protection from light and humidity which can damage the wine and spoil the flavor. Deciding on a chiller is a personal decision in which knowing all the features available will help you make the best decision.

Multi-Bottle Chiller
Multi-Bottle Chiller

Multi-Bottle Wine Chillers

Large chillers can accommodate many more wine bottles and keep them cold at all times. Smaller units can fit on your counter and hold a few bottles. If your needs are greater, there are huge refrigerators available that can hold more than 100 bottles while still staying in the consumer range. For energy efficiency and to maintain proper temperature, look for chillers that have double-pane glass doors. The air in between the glass works as an insulator which prevents heat from entering. Mid range to high end units offer humidity controls. Humidity can play a role in the quality of your wine while being stored. Units with humidity controls prevent damage to your stock. You may notice that many multi-bottle refrigerators have darkened glass panes. This isn’t just for aesthetics; the darkened glass prevents light from entering which can damage the wine quality over time. A large unit is the perfect choice for storing multiple bottles over time. The larger capacity allows you to keep your own “cellar” of wine stocked up for any occasion. Many models are built using designer materials and can be built in to your kitchen cabinetry.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Specific Wine Varieties: Most larger chillers are designed to store a certain type of wine. For example, if you plan on storing red wine, look for a unit designed specifically for red varieties. This will result in the best long-term taste.
  • Double-Pane Glass: Besides being energy efficient, a chiller equipped with double panes keeps the interior evenly chilled. Single pane doors can make the inside of the unit unevenly chilled and warmer near the front.
  • Humidity Control: Long-term wine quality depends on certain subtleties such as humidity. Having the ability to control the air moisture is a handy feature to look for in a large chiller.
  • Bottle Capacity: Consider your long-term needs when investing in a large unit. It is a good idea to get a chiller with a greater capacity than you plan to need.

Single chiller With Digital Dispplay
Single chiller With Digital Dispplay

Counter-top Wine Chillers

Small and convenient, a countertop wine bottle chiller takes up very little room in your kitchen. You can expect to have a cold bottle of wine in just a few minutes, with some models offering a “quick chill” function which is great for unexpected guests. Most come with a digital display that offers temperature status, estimated chill time, and more. As you may know, different types of wines such as red, white, and sparkling require different temperatures for best taste. Even some smaller models like this come with preset functions for different wine varieties. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for size, either, as there are units on the market that can chill two or more bottles at the same time. We all know that popping the cork can be a pain, which is why many manufacturers have installed automatic cork poppers into their chillers. A countertop wine chiller is the perfect choice for wine enthusiasts looking to enjoy the casual drink using an elegant, flexible machine.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Digital Display: Chillers that come with a display often offer more features that ones that don’t, such as temperature readings, preset wine variety settings, and chill times. A backlit display makes for easy reading in any lighting condition.
  • Automatic Cork Remover: An exceptionally handy feature, a built in cork remover takes the work out of getting a cold bottle. Simply place the bottle into the chiller, press a button, and let the machine take care of the rest. You can expect to pay more for a chiller with this feature.
  • Preset Wine Settings: Individuals that appreciate the subtle nuances of their wine will enjoy a chiller with this feature. Using the on-board display, you can select a temperature setting that will maximize the taste for a specific wine. Some units can be very precise, with over 70 settings.
  • Chill Time: A couple minutes is all that’s needed for countertop units, but this will vary among manufacturers. Consider an instant wine chiller for the quickest cooling time.

Waring Pro Single Bottle Chiller
Waring Pro Single Bottle Chiller

Products To Consider

Waring Professional Wine Chiller

The Waring Pro is a prime example of quality and expert craftsmanship. The Waring chills and warms bottles with a diameter of up to 3.5 inches. The bright backlit display screen allows for full control. The chiller features an internal database of 33 different preset settings for white, red and champagne wines. Waring has been in business for over 60 years and is a trusted brand in the wine chiller field.

Danby 38-bottle Dual Zone Chiller
Danby 38-bottle Dual Zone Chiller

Danby 22" Dual Zone Wine Cellar

The Danby Dual Zone Cellar features a sleek, stainless steel trim design and can hold up to 38 bottles of wine. Inside there are two different "zones" in which the temperature can be controlled individually. This is great for separating your red and white wines. Exacting controls allow users to tweak their wine storage environment for best results.


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