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    thiruselvamkposted 5 years ago

    HOW VERY AWARE are families about indoor air contaminants?
    Within the four walls of a home or office, are all sorts of contaminants abound in the air and gets inhaled upon every breath taken. Assuming a list is drawn, these contaminants would fall into two columns. One source of contaminants being man made and the other occurring naturally.
    Both categories of sources of contaminants are hazardous to health, and very little attention is given and correction is minimal.

    We often see how the media and authorities always expound the known like heart diseases, cancers of all kinds, and fevers and illnesses ........ and these "known" grab media headlines. What about illnesses due to environmental problems? Why do these not get talked about and are given so little attention. Why do they not get "exploited" and expounded by the media.

    A good example was how the whole world had its pointing fingers at smokers, but ignored the many fingers pointing inwards at all the passive smokers? 
    There are countless countless organisations and societies for "lungs"; for "asthmatics" and definitely abundance of research papers; medical reports; surveys and findings on existence and effects of indoor pollution on society.

    For reasons known and unknown, is there a call for silence on air pollution; indoor pollution? Is there any fear that people would take to the streets and call for halt or checks and measures on industry? Has information been hidden on Indoor air pollution and or its growing health effects? 

    Health effects from indoor air pollution vary from person to person and can range from slight to acute and perhaps even chronic effects on nose, eyes and throat irritation, respiratory track including the lungs, effects on the unborn, allergies, and many more.

    Mold is showing its negative effects. Asbestos has just got banned. Wall paints and varnishes are being  scrutinized for toxins and fumes from their applications. Vacuum cleaners are now compelled to have a Hepa filter, before they are given approvals for sales.

    A looming question is how safe is indoor for life?