Home decorating tips. Does anyone have any thrifty tips to share about decorati

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  1. Ms Chievous profile image70
    Ms Chievousposted 10 years ago

    Home decorating tips.  Does anyone have any thrifty tips to share about decorating a new home?

  2. aidenofthetower profile image84
    aidenofthetowerposted 10 years ago

    Decorating is one of those things that can make our homes go from regular places to spectacular ones that we actually enjoy being in. While you can sit back and relax no matter what's on the walls, when something is decorated well it gives it a warm... read more

  3. RRRood profile image64
    RRRoodposted 10 years ago

    Thrift is the name of the game.  Take in all thrift stores in your area.  You'd be amazed at what you might find.  Many things are brand new or nearly new.  Even if you don't have a theme or scheme in mind you may stumble upon something you love and build from there.  If you have a large home pick up all sorts of containers both large and small, fun shapes, and colors.  Fill these containers with live or artificial plants and set up groupings to fill in empty spaces.  If you've just grown tired of things you already have, recycle them with paint, new textures, mix rather than match curtains, place mats, rugs, etc.

  4. R Burow profile image74
    R Burowposted 10 years ago

    "One man's junk is another man's treasure". If you don't believe the old saying, take a cruise one Saturday morning and view the people combing your neighbor's driveways. Better yet, read the classified ads.You will quickly become a believer.... read more

  5. hometips profile image57
    hometipsposted 10 years ago

    Yes, I have some home decorating ideas: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-decorate … more-space

  6. groverisallover profile image56
    groverisalloverposted 10 years ago

    Craig's list, despite all the hoopla is a wonderful place to find bargains. The fact is, that paint is one the least expensive ways to decorate your house on a budget. But be weary, just don't buy cheapest stuff you can find, you will regret it. There is a saying, "there is nothing more expensive than cheap paint"
    I have located through craigslist a Benjamin Moore paint store in Portland that sells discontinued and mis tinted paint. They can be found on craigslist at $10-$15 per gallon.

  7. selahangel profile image60
    selahangelposted 10 years ago

    I wrote a page about this very thing at DIYAngel, check it out!

  8. profile image52
    dewaraco2posted 10 years ago

    If you are going to redecorate the outside as well. You might want to check this hub.
    http://hubpages.com/hub/Architectural-F … urb-appeal

  9. crayonbrains profile image64
    crayonbrainsposted 10 years ago

    Hello u can check mu hub if u like , i have suggested some inexpensive ideas on this topic ! Thank You !

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Home-Decoration … Of-Peanuts

  10. jeffrogers79 profile image61
    jeffrogers79posted 10 years ago

    First you need to decide on a theme for the room your going to decorate. after that you need to remember to not over do it on the theme.  to much of any theme could make the room look terrible.  also remember to no clutter the room.

  11. Margie01 profile image61
    Margie01posted 10 years ago

    Big or small the most important thing is to make it your own; express yourself with use of colors, textures and accents.  When I am working on a room I always begin with my color's; once you know that you can plan on the style and size of the furniture needed.  Decorating on a budget is a great way to show what you can do.

    Paint can work wonders; and you don't have to stick with one color but you do need to keep within the same "tones". 

    Great places to look for decor; Big Lots, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, "your friends", and never look at something for what it is but for what it can be.

    Here is an idea for a great "feature wall"; go to yard sales and pick up inexpensive picture frames (don't worry) about the color just the styles.  Various sizes and styles; and a can of spray paint will unify them.  Now create a layout on the floor and once you find the perfect one...place them one by one on the wall!  Art!!!!

  12. Song-Bird profile image74
    Song-Birdposted 10 years ago

    For some thrifty ideas, check out

    For other tips on decorating a new home see
    http://hubpages.com/hub/Choosing-The-In … r-New-Home

  13. KennNewel profile image61
    KennNewelposted 6 years ago

    Have beautiful color schema and choose the Furnishing and decor accessories accordingly. Choose lively bold color for living room, bright for kitchen, cool and soft for Bedroom and study room. Check out some very interesting ideas here: http://www.pinterest.com/mamap31/thrift … ing-ideas/


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