Has anyone ever bought a spray foam rig?

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    john@patatusfoam.posted 7 years ago

    Has anyone ever bought a spray foam rig?

    If so, who did you buy from?

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    anglesspeakposted 7 years ago


    Yes, I bought my spray foam rig from SprayWorks Equipment Group. http://sprayworksequipment.com/
    SprayWorks really help us out with our training as well as came out to our job site to help install foam to manufactures specs. If you are looking to buy a spray foam rig I would recommend that you buy it from SprayWorks. They have the experience to help your company grow right from the start. There products and support are the best I have found anywhere. I have talked to many spray foam company's when I was looking to get into the business. SprayWorks hands down had more to offer then anyone in the industry. Thanks SprayWork for all of your help.