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What is your favorite secret cleaning tip?

  1. KaeliElyse profile image53
    KaeliElyseposted 6 years ago

    What is your favorite secret cleaning tip?

    Maybe it's listening to music to get the job done, maybe it's using a little vinegar, bottom line is that we all have one!  Let's help one another out and start sharing so we can get back to enjoying time with our families!


  2. Tati Irodova profile image71
    Tati Irodovaposted 6 years ago

    music - full blast
    I like when someone is helping, time passes by quicker
    I clean mirrors and glass with water and paper (newspaper, toilet paper, kitchen towels - anything goes), polish my plates with vinegar solution (water+vinegar).
    I have cleaning day (thursday evening), so it's kind of a routine now.
    The best advice would be - look after your flat/house during the week, don't let the dishes and washing pile up, then you won't have to clean much!

  3. Nancy B. profile image70
    Nancy B.posted 6 years ago

    Clean out a cabinet or drawer each week. That means taking everything out, washing or dusting the interior. Sorting through the items that were taken out and throwing away or donating some of them before putting everything left neatly back into the cabinet or drawer.
    It takes about 15 - 20 minutes to do one cabinet or drawer (or bathroom/linen closet shelf), things get neatened up and you don't have to face that huge, onerous task of doing all of them at once.
    I do the same thing with cleaning windows. I thoroughly clean one window, sill and screen each month. There are 15 windows/glass doors in my house so it works out pretty good.

  4. cmlindblom profile image76
    cmlindblomposted 6 years ago

    Well what I have learned from cleaning barracks rooms and have them nspected is if it smells clean and looks clean it is clean.

  5. ktrapp profile image97
    ktrappposted 6 years ago

    I keep a big bottle of white vinegar in my laundry room. When I mistakenly forget to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer and they get musty smelling I re-wash them with a little more detergent and white vinegar (maybe about 1 cup). This is the only thing I have found to remove that musty smell.

  6. MyFavoriteBedding profile image37
    MyFavoriteBeddingposted 6 years ago

    I think it helps to have a daily routine of just keeping things picked up, that way when it is actually "cleaning day" it is not so overwhelming.  Also, having some music on while you are cleaning can help keep you motivated.