How do you clean and polish a dark hardwood floor without harsh chemicals and wi

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  1. mama_em profile image56
    mama_emposted 12 years ago

    How do you clean and polish a dark hardwood floor without harsh chemicals and without damage?

    Tips, anyone?

    1. CrazyWolfie profile image61
      CrazyWolfieposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      When floors are extra dirty or when more cleaning power is required, check out these homemade hardwood floor cleaners that can save you time, effort and money:

      • You may have already discovered the benefits of using vinegar to clean kitchen counters and bathrooms, but did you know that it can also cut through the grime that builds up on your wood floors? Just two ingredients, warm water and vinegar, give you everything you need to clean and shine your floors.

      • If you want to add a nice fragrance to your cleaning solution, try this combination of vinegar, water and essential oil when you’re ready to mop. Essential oils come in a variety of fragrances, so choose a few drops of your favorite one to add to your solution for an added sense of clean.

      • If you’re concerned about using water on your wood floors, or if water is not recommended for the type of floor finish that you have, you might be interested in this homemade solution that uses only vinegar and vegetable oil. Be sure to invest in a spray bottle for applying the mixture.

      • This simple but effective cleaner uses plant-based liquid soap, vinegar and water with the option to add essential oils. This might be a good choice if your floor is especially grimy.

      • Do your floors take one lump or two? That’s right – ordinary tea bags can clean your wood floors while adding shine and luster. The next time you make tea, brew a couple of extra bags for your floor instead of reaching for an expensive commercial floor cleaning product.

      • It may sound more like a salad dressing than a wood floor cleaner, but this combination of lemon juice, olive oil and hot water promises to clean your floors while leaving a rich sheen behind.

      • If you have laminate flooring, you might be interested in this DIY cleaning solution that uses water, vinegar and dish detergent along with a microfiber mop or sponge.

      To keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful longer, sweep or vacuum frequently to pick up particles that can build up over time and scratch the surface. To minimize the need for damp mopping, use a dust mop or a dry microfiber pad for routine floor cleaning. Always clean spills right away, and never allow water or any other liquid to remain on the surface of your wood floor. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed to avoid floor scratching, and position mats at entry ways to make it convenient for people to wipe their feet. Use area rugs for high-traffic sections, and make sure to use furniture pads for heavy pieces that sit directly on wood floors.

      With a little knowledge and a few common household ingredients, you can keep your wood floors clean and sparkling while saving time and money. So, grab your mop, a spray bottle and a few things from your cabinets, and give those wood floors some TLC.

    2. ThePracticalMommy profile image87
      ThePracticalMommyposted 12 years ago

      I use Murphey's Oil Soap. It's a natural product and it's great for cleaning wood floors.

    3. jezebellamina profile image60
      jezebellaminaposted 12 years ago

      White vinegar and water!  The ratio is 1/2 cup vinegar for every gallon of water.  I put mine in a spray bottle and spritz for spot cleaning and wipe with a soft cloth.
      I also really like Orange Glo's hardwood floor products. They give a great shine and smell good too smile

    4. moonfairy profile image72
      moonfairyposted 12 years ago

      halloway house also has great hardwood floor cleaners and polishers...they're excellent products. You can find them at supermarkets as well as places like Lowe's and Home Depot.

    5. mama_em profile image56
      mama_emposted 12 years ago

      Thank you all for the tips. I picked up some Murphy's Oil and it worked really well and I have no worries of my child crawling on it.

    6. smcopywrite profile image60
      smcopywriteposted 6 years ago

      murphy' oil soap is truly one of the best ways to get the job done. Carefully follow directions for the balance of soap and water to use. As long as any kind of cleaning agent directions read safe for hardwood surfaces there is no need for worry. The majority of folks with these floors in the home are apt to call in professionals to do it correctly.

      An expert will cost, but the services provided include a little more than cleaning. There is generally damage repair for any dings or other mishaps which take place through normal use as well as hard scrubbing for stubborn stains soaked into the wood. Animals and kids are the number one culprit for these. There is a guarantee and peace of mind no mishaps take place.

      Wood floors are wonderful for so many reasons. These allergy free zones are easy cleaning and care. Keeping up with a daily or every other day sweeping aids in reducing the number of times a good scrub is necessary. Take care of spills as quickly as possible with a wet towel using only water for quick spot cleaning.

      Another wonderful tip is ask guests and household members to remove shoes before walking on them. Scuff marks, dirt, grime, pebbles and other undesirable things from outside are stuck to the bottom of shoes and typically contribute to the problem.

    7. TheBumble profile image78
      TheBumbleposted 6 years ago

      My mother lives and breathes by vinegar solutions! Typically, you would add 1/2 a cup of distilled white vinegar to a gallon of water. I like to add a few drops of essential oils to make it smell more pretty, but the vinegar smell fades pretty quickly if you don't have any. A vinegar solution works great for almost every area of your house too! The acidity breaks up soap scum in a show and other residues around the house. I've never personally tried it (because I don't believe in spilling wine), but legend has it that vinegar and baking soda will lift a red wine stain.


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