How do you dry Yarrow properly

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    BizGenGirlposted 6 years ago

    How do you dry Yarrow properly

    Once you've harvest wild yarrow, what are some proper ways of drying it for use later in teas and such?

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    joehilton84posted 6 years ago

    this is quoted from … arrow.html

    How to Dry Yarrow
    In Cathy Miller's book Harvesting, Preserving, Arranging Dried Flowers, she speaks of of spritzing the heads before and after drying with clear acrylic spray or extra-hold hair spray to keep the pollen from dropping.

    Although I have done this after they have dried, I have never done it before drying them. It sounds like a good idea, but not completely necessary.

    Yarrow is so easy to dry, all you need to do is strip the leaves off and gather 5 to 7 stems into bunches. It's best to stagger the flowers to avoid damaging the shape of each head.

    For a more open head, dry the stems upright in a vase with an inch of water that is allowed to evaporate.

    Hang in a dry place with good air circulation.

    Pastel yarrows such as A. millefolium, 'Cerise Queen' and 'Summer Pastels' are best to dry in selica gel in order to retain their color.

    Drying Time is three weeks.

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    andersonKevinposted 6 years ago

    To dry yarrow, lay out on an herb drying screen or hang to dry. Bundle Yarrow stems together with a rubber band and slip into a paper bag. Attach the paper bag with another rubber band and cut slits in the bag for ventilation. Hang in a warm dark place and monitor for dryness.