What is the average rent in your town and what do you get for it?

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  1. sakimakelly profile image62
    sakimakellyposted 6 years ago

    What is the average rent in your town and what do you get for it?

    New York City is one of the most expensive places to live.  You can live in a mediocre apartment in a mediocre neighborhood and spend over $1,200.00 on rent easily with no amenities.  However, for NYC, it's all about location, location, location.  What do your towns offer as related to rental properties?

  2. melbel profile image95
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    Rent is expensive here, but you get a lot for it: lake views everywhere, really nice restaurants, wineries, orchards, and famous neighbors. Most homes here are rented weekly starting around $1200 a week which is $4800/month. Some homes are as high as $4500 a week ($18,000 a month), but those are on Sturgeon Beach which is the best place. Some of those houses even have guest houses.

    Sturgeon Beach has a summer family camp (think Dirty Dancing) called Camp Sokol. Most communities in my town are gated, except the main town and the Sunset Shores and Evergreen neighborhoods (I live in Evergreen which is nice even though it's not gated.) Most people come here for vacations which is why it's so expensive.

    It would be far cheaper per month to own a house here than rent one which is why we own instead of rent.

  3. one2get2no profile image82
    one2get2noposted 6 years ago

    My town is in central Greece and the rent for a two bedroom apartment here is around $500 which is about half an average salary.

  4. hpedneau profile image71
    hpedneauposted 6 years ago

    I live in Southern West Virginia, average rent is around $450.00 dollars. I've seen it as low as $300.00 (no utilities included) to $600.00 with all utilities included.

  5. gregoriom profile image73
    gregoriomposted 6 years ago

    I won't say much because you've said it all about New York. The rent here is super high. A studio would cost you about 900 to 1,100 and what you get is an open space not too big. I share a 2Floor apartment with two of my brothers and we pay 1,750 monthly for 3 bedrooms (small rooms), 1 bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. It's all about location, but most of these prices are just ridiculous.

  6. Dawn Conklin profile image77
    Dawn Conklinposted 6 years ago

    I live in one of the cheaper towns of NJ.  NJ is typically real expensive, except in urban areas.  Average rent in town is from $500-$1200 a month.  $1200 a month in our town would get you probably a 5 BR house rental, yard and probably more.  $500 would get you a cheap 1 BR apartment where you would probably have to pay all utilities.  We live on a river, have various activities for the kids throughout the year, parks for the kids to play and can walk to various things.  This is all cheap for NJ and it really isn't a bad town to live in.
    Utilities would probably be included in the $1200 apartment, but this is all landlord depending.  We have a lot of houses that are rentals, more then we have apartment complexes.

  7. Jason Marovich profile image89
    Jason Marovichposted 6 years ago


    In the Neighborhood:  $400-$700/month

    Downtown:  as high as 5k/month

  8. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    These are approximations without the costs of utilities. All of these locations are decent, near schools, churchs, shopping locations, and inside the little bubble known as The Woodlands, Texas about 30 minutes away from Houston.
    $700 for a one bedroom/one bathroom/full kitchen/patio
    $900 for a two bedroom/one bathroom/full kitchen/patio
    $1,200 for a three bedroom/two bathroom/full kitchen/patio
    The lowest I have found is $560 for a one bedroom/one bathroom. Outside of the Woodlands, rent is a bit cheaper. In the lower income area known as off of FM1960, rent is typically $450 to $700.


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