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What home improvement tips can you share? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

  1. Simone Smith profile image93
    Simone Smithposted 5 years ago

    What home improvement tips can you share? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

    Are you in the midst of a home improvement project? You should write a Hub about it- or use this opportunity as an excuse to start one. This week's Weekly Topic Inspiration challenge is home improvement and we invite you to share your DIY guides and home improvement tips with us in Hub form.

    Create your WTI Hub as an Answer to this Question.  For title ideas and community support, stop by the official forum thread: http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/108433


  2. wilderness profile image98
    wildernessposted 5 years ago

    Want a new bedroom?  Some terrific suggestions for a DIY bedroom makeover, with an eye towards cheap bedroom decorating ideas. read more

  3. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Well, I'll just give you my input from experience. When I was remodeling my home, the first project was the bathroom. The second the kitchen. If you want to increase the value of your home, concentrate on these two areas. They will definitely give you the biggest bang for your buck. After these alterations, my house appraised 12,000 more dollars than before. Definitely a great investment.

  4. travel_man1971 profile image77
    travel_man1971posted 5 years ago

    My DIY Projects on lawn improvement and living room repainting and all are my target this month of January until February, 2013. Watch me acommplish it or you can also share your bits and nuggets of ideas to help me through it. read more

  5. mary615 profile image93
    mary615posted 5 years ago

    I just finished refinishing and repainting my deck.  That involved cleaning, sanding, priming and painting the deck.

  6. Abbasangel profile image76
    Abbasangelposted 5 years ago

    How to fix up the laundry with a bit of do-it-yourself maintenance Drying solutions in high cost energy world to make the home more efficient  Tips for extra storage, and using all the space in your home efficiently. read more

  7. moonlake profile image91
    moonlakeposted 5 years ago

    Remodeling a bathroom and using an old dresser as a vanity. read more

  8. ExpectGreatThings profile image85
    ExpectGreatThingsposted 5 years ago

    Easily organize your spices in either your spice cabinet or spice drawer. Includes reviews of the most popular pins for this subject on Pinterest. read more

  9. DzyMsLizzy profile image97
    DzyMsLizzyposted 5 years ago

    Stage-by-stage photo essay of how to remodel a small bathroom.  Shows what kinds of things you might encounter when doing a remodel of any kind. read more