What are you supposed to think when your grounded for bieng scared?

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    thescarsremindmeposted 3 years ago

    What are you supposed to think when your grounded for bieng scared?

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    Leigh Dupeeposted 3 years ago

    First, think about what you did while scared. Look at it from the outside. You know what was going on inside of you while you were scared. What did the world see? How did you act? What did you say? How did you sound?

    Remember that you can only view what is going on in someone's head by seeing what they do and listening to what they say. It is an imperfect process but all that we have. How would you have responded to your behavior if that was all you had to go on?

    Have you had a chance to talk to the person to get their perspective? Not out of anger, but curiosity as to why they made the decision that they did?

    That taken aside, what was it that scared you? You may not be able to change others attitudes and opinions but you can look at and change your own. First, does it seem as scary now? Will you react the same if it happens again? What made it scary? Can you think of a time or something which would have made it less scary? Is there some circumstance that you could change to make it better?

    I know that this answer is full of questions. How you see yourself matters. It will effect how the world sees and responds to you. The more you learn about yourself, the stronger you will become.

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    amiebutchkoposted 3 years ago

    Were you grounded for being scared, or something you did as a response to being scared?  It is certainly an uncomfortable feeling to be scared, but there are many different types of fear.  There is fear that will push  you to expand your capabilities and there is fear of physical or mental harm.  Which types of fears are haunting you?  You have a right to be comforted by an adult that will make you feel more safe, and most adults will want this for you.  You need to seek advice from an adult you can trust and talk out your feelings with someone that has your best interests at heart!