New house trials...

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    LStuartposted 17 months ago

    New house trials...

    Hi, we bought a new house with no yard in at all.  I want to start planting Spring bulbs and some trees now while it is Fall (in Northern Utah).  I would like to plant a ground covering in spring that will keep the weeds at bay instead of using a landscape fabric that doesn't seem to work for very long (or is it better to plant the ground covering in Fall as well?).  But I was wondering about the bulbs and bushes we will plant...  Will the bulbs grow through the ground covering every year okay without being choked out?  Thanks so much!

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    cat on a soapboxposted 17 months ago

    Since you are in No. Utah, I would wait until spring to plant the ground cover. Weeds could still get through, but a nice option might be lead wort Ceratostigma plumbago. It does well in shade to part sun, has deep blue flowers in spring, and beautiful copper tinged foliage in fall. Bulbs would have no problem growing through it. All the best w/ your new home!