A Green Home builder to an extent is an environmentalist.

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    tabulasposted 7 years ago

    Man is always called to be an ardent lover of nature. The poets are the greatest exemplars or the living history for the fact. The old paintings and the carvings in the caves like the one at Ajanta and Ellora also signifies the same. Man today wants to conserve the nature and at the same time wants to be developed also. Since both ideologies are poles apart man chooses the later and nature starts to suffer through the hands of humans. Somewhere man too is sentient at his reckless deeds towards the natural world. To build a world of his own, man is gradually making the natural world to vanish from the planet itself. His conscious but rather unconscious attempts, though are ironical in every aspect will turn futile for sure.

    Today man is very busy with his occupation and it is this occupation which in one way or the other make him the so called developed and he ignores the nature. Today the vehicles are turning to be one of the ineradicable elements from ones life. Humans being the lovers of alacrity, to save time, make the environment very much polluted through their vehicles and beyond that through their rash driving or riding as well.

    We might think or dream of a job which might help us to conserve the nature and at the same time make us developed too, both socially and economically. Though it is rare, it is true in the case of a Green Home Builder. His job is really associated with the conservation of nature and to keep its glory intact. Thus a green home builder will always be an environmentalist to an extent as construction will affect the nature unfavorably in one way or the other, a green builder can minimize the effects thus caused. Beyond an environmentalist he turns himself to be a great human lover as the green home support the nature but at the same time supports the inhabitants equally and helps to increase their energetic level, making them more productive and worthwhile.