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Levels Of Discovery - Contemporary Kids Furniture

Updated on April 25, 2012

Levels Of Discovery Furniture

Here's a huge selection of excellent Levels Of Discovery furniture for children. What sets Levels Of Discovery apart from other brands of furniture for children is that things are not always as they seem. There's always something exciting hidden away to be discovered in time.

For example, the rocking chairs below have a hidden understamp beneth the seat which can be customized by the buyer to include the name of the child, the name of the giver and the special occasion it was given on.

There's lots of other hidden things on all Levels Of Discovery furniture, see below for the range, choose the items you like and get discovering all they have to offer! Any child would love to find the hidden treats.

Levels Of Discovery Vanity Table and Chairs Sets

Any little girl would love to sit herself at these vanity tables to primp and preen in the mirror, they're gorgeous examples of Levels Of Discovery furniture.

There's always special messages on Levels Of Discovery furniture, on these vanity tables are the messages:

Princess set: "Always A Princess"

Fairy Wishes: “Wishes for Sparkles and Giggles and Smilies…and Swirlies and Whirlies for sweet little Girlies!”

Time To Read: "Once Upon A Time"

Best Of Buds: "Dream, Dance, Bloom"

Any of these beautiful vanity sets would make a gorgeous gift for a little princess.

Levels Of Discovery Rocking Chairs

These rocking chairs are intended to inspire children. Not only are they great for rocking but there's lots of interesting things to discover.

Fire Engine Rocker: message that reads "Our Little Hero", small fire engine that moves as along the base as the chair rocks, siren noise when the chair rocks.

Always A Princess: message that reads "Always A Princess", removable heart shaped back rest and regal seat cushion, adorable pea that sits under the seat cushion for that real princess touch.

Race Car Rocker: gear shift armrest, racing car sounds when the chair rocks.

Artists Rocker: rotating color wheel on back, frame to exhibit drawing/paintings, pencil box armrest, mini desk that looks like an artists palette, flip down draw beneath seat, poem on seat.

Barn To Rock Rocker: replica egg on seat that when pulled plays Old MacDonald Had A Farm, door that opens to reveal animals.

Jackson Rocker: spinning educational wheel with letters and pictures on seat back, turn and learn backrest.

Rock A My Baby Rocker: cradle for baby doll on armrest, heart on seat that when pulled playes Rock A Bye Baby.

Fly Boy Areoplane Rocker: message that reads "Fly Boy", cockpit with working steering wheel and propeller, movable 'flying high' and 'laugh-o-meter', armrest wings, padded seat and back rest cushions.

Musical Rocker: keyboard and sheet music back rest, flip tiles that say do, re mi, 5 note mini xylophone with mallet on armrest.

Noahs Ark Rocker: ark design on back which opens to reveal animals, scripture verse on seat, ball on seat that when pulled playes He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.

All Levels Of Discovery rocking chairs come with a customizable understamp and a thank you photo card for the child to say thank you for the gift.

Levels Of Discovery Bookcases

These Levels Of Discovery bookcases are gorgeous furniture pieces for both boys and girls. Some of them can be co-ordinated with with the vanity sets and rockers for an overall look.

As with all Levels Of Discovery furniture, these bookcases make excellent gifts.

Time To Read Bookcase (girls): pastel colors, 2 shelves, photo frame bookends.

Princess bookcase: pink, purple and cream castle design with gold detailing, message that reads The Royal Library, 2 shelves, Always A Princess and Almost Always A Princess photo frame bookends.

Sugar Plum Bookcase: plum and pink colored with pink, green and ivory details, 2 shelves, butterfly bookends.

Firefighting Bookcase: red and black with gold details, fire hydrant design with chains on hose connections, message that says Hot To Read, 2 shelves, fire truck bookends.

All Star Sports Bookcase: chalk scoreboard, 2 shelves, basketball and baseball bookends.

Time To Read (Boys): royal purple and midnight blue with gold details, 2 shelves, tower bookends.

Wild West Bookcase: red and yellow, wild west shops design, 2 shelves, 'Wanted: Lil Dude' photo bookends.

Levels Of Discovery Tables and Chairs

These Levels Of Discovery table and chairs sets are great pieces of furniture for imaginative playtimes.

Princess Table and Chairs Set: pink, lavender and gold, secret hiding place for keeping things in, music box that plays Pomp and Circumstance, padded chairs, message saying Always A Princess.

Gettin' Around Table and Shairs Set: transporation theme, tabletop cityscape, 4 wooden vehicles included, chairs have areoplane and train backs.

Jackson Table and Stool Set: tabletop features animals, spinning tiles on corners with letters and animals on them, monkey and elephant stools.

Firefighter Table and Stools Set: firehouse box with bell, 2 buildings and 2 fire trucks, tabletop village graphics, Our Little Hero message.

Wild Side Table and Chairs Set: cheetah and zebra design in black and ivory.

All Star Table and Stool Set: tabletop soccer game of shooting and scoring, 4 balls included, spinning balls on each corner.

Wild West Table and Chairs Set: ranch tabletop design with storage horsebox, 5 wooden toys, good guy, bad guy chair designs.

Fairy Wishes Table and Chairs Set: tabletop with fairy design, scalloped edge table, heart and crown chair designs.

Alphabet Soup Table and Stool Set: alphabet tabletop game with dice and game pieces, spinning alphabet and animal tiles on corners, animal design stools.

Levels Of Discovery Toy Box Benches

Perfect for storing toys and as a seating area, these Levels Of Discovery toy box benches are fun, quirky pieces of furniture that provide educational aspects as well as play. All of these have different aspects to them just the same as the other Levels Of Discovery furniture pieces, you can also match these with the other items.

Alphabet Soup Toy Box Bench: wipe off board for writing or drawing, eductaional spinning blocks.

Gettin' Around Toy Box Bench: fun skyline back, land sea and sky front.

Princess Toy Box Bench: crown backrest, heart shaped back cushion, padded seat cushion, message on backrest reads Always A Princess, message on front reads Crown Jewels.

All Star Sports Toy Box Bench: chalkboard scoreboard on backrest, message on front reads Fun Bench.

Sugar Plum Toy Box Bench: cut out butterfly backrest.

Prince Toy Box Bench: throne design with padded seat cushion.

Firefighter Toy Box Bench: firehouse design with ladder arms, working bell, firefighter and dalmation dog slide up and down backrest poles, large sliding door to drive cars and trucks into.

Heroes Rock Toy Box Bench: camouflage footlocker design, can be personalized with name, serial number and rank, message on top reads Confidential, secret compartment inside bench.

Rock A My Baby Toy Box Chest: heart shaped cut out backrest, space for baby doll and child, padded seat cushion.

Wild West Toy Box Bench: wild west town backrest design, decorative toy shop doors open and close, sliding toy barn door for easy storage.

All Levels Of Discovery toy box benches come with a slow closing metal hinge so you don't have to worry about any small fingers getting hurt!


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