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Pink Bathroom Accessories

Updated on August 31, 2011

Buy Pink Bathroom Accessories

Here's a gorgeous selection of pink bathroom accessories to transform any bathroom from basic to fit for a princess. If you are looking to liven up your décor, add some warm tones and invigorate your senses, here's a great selection of pink bathroom accessories to help you achieve just that.

Below you will find pink bathroom accessory sets which include toothbrush holders and soap dishes, there's also pink shower curtains, pink towels, pink toilet seats, pink wastebaskets, pink bath rugs and even a section for pink wall stickers to brighten up your bathroom with minimal time and effort.

Products are listed in categories for easy browsing. Scroll down to find a lovely array of pink bathroom accessories to choose from.

Pink Bathroom Accessory Sets

Pink is an uplifting color that brightens the mood and adds a warm tone to any décor. It's a color that if you love it, you'll want to surround yourself with it, and these days it's easy to do so. These pink bathroom accessories are great examples of the range of pink products for the home available.

Bathroom accessory sets are great if you like things matching, there's also more items like these at the bottom of the page, but those are sold separately.

What you get:

Room Essentials 4 piece set: toothbrush holder / bath cannister / soap or lotion dispenser / wastebasket

Pink flower floral set: toothbrush holder / soap or lotion dispenser / cup / tray

XOXO Pink 5 piece set: toothbrush holder / soap or lotion dispenser / soap dish / wastebasket / heart shaped box, plus bath rug and towels

Heartbeat pink 5 piece set: soap or lotion dispenser / tumbler / tray / shower curtain / wastebasket

XOXO Pink hearts and diamonds 5 piece set: toothbrush holder / soap or lotion dispenser / soap dish / wastebasket/ heart shaped box

Pink Shower Curtains

Your choice of shower curtain has a really big effect on your bathroom décor. These pink shower curtains are vibrant, warm and in various hues of pink.

If you want to update your bathroom without redecorating, buying a new shower curtain is a great way to do so. It's an affordable, easy to install item that can instantly transform your bathroom in minutes.

Pink Toilet Seats

Toilet seats aren't the most exciting of things, but you don't have to be stuck with a boring generic one, you can of course choose pink!

Here's two different designs to choose from.

Pink Towel Sets

Along with shower curtains, adding different colored towels to a bathroom can help to lift the décor or just generally give it an updated look.

These pink towel sets are ideal for adding the color pink to your bathroom in a minimal way. Simply hang the towels and hey, you've updated your décor! It's a really simple thing, but it does make a lot of difference.

Obviously, the shade of pink that you choose will affect the overall look, adding a baby pink or pale pink wouldn't be as dramatic as adding a fushia or hot pink set of towels. It all depends on what shade is the pink for you and how much of a transformation you want for your bathroom.

Sometimes it's those simple little touches that can make all the difference.

Pink Bath Rugs

If you've changed your shower curtain and added a pink towel set, the next way to easily get the pink bathroom vibe going is to add a pink bath rug.

Bath rugs are really useful for both carpeted, wooden or tiled bathroom floors. They prevent carpet from getting wet and omitting a musky smell and provide a non slip surface on wooden and tiled floors.

Pink Wastebaskets

If you are looking for matching items, the Lilli wastebasket can be teamed with the Lilli toothbrush holder and soap dish that can be found in the last section of listings below. Same with the Luna wastebasket, there is also a toothbrush holder and soap dish to match below.

Pink Wall Stickers

Not so much a pink bathroom accessory, but a great way of adding pink to your bathroom without the need for redecorating.

Wall stickers are a really easy way to update existing décor, you simply peel them off their backing and stick them where you want them on your bathroom wall. It's a great way to brighten up your bathroom.

Wall stickers are a fun way to decorate, they couldn't be easier to use and you get to place them exactly where you want them to create your desired effect. You don't have to cover your entire bathroom, you can simply choose to create a feature wall. Alternatively, if you want to cover your walls, ceiling, tub, sink and toilet,you can do that too!

Wall stickers are a great way to get creative when decorating in the most simple way possible. You can easily transform your bathroom décor with minimal effort and at an affordable price.

If you are going for pink bathroom accessories, add some pink wall stickers to the mix and have a totally transformed bathroom in no time at all!


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