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Pink Chandelier For The Home

Updated on August 30, 2011

Choosing A Pink Chandelier

Pink products are becoming increasingly popular as are contemporary chandeliers. Combined, the pink chandelier is a modern take on an iconic lighting design that has been around for centuries. If you're considering buying a pink chandelier probably the first thing to consider is your budget and next the size. It's easy to get carried away as pink chandeliers are stunning pieces of home furnishing, but the size of the room has to be considered when choosing or else you could end up with a chandelier that takes over the room.

Chandeliers were once recognised as light fixtures with arms that had lights attached to them, but these days, any lights made from crystal and with a hanging effect are classed as chandeliers.

A Pink Chandelier For The Home

There's quite a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a pink chandelier. Do you want a contemporary chandelier or a traditional one? I personally prefer the more modern chandeliers, with lots of crystal, but of course, you may be the opposite.

Which room the pink chandelier is going to be housed in is also a factor for choice. Most people who own a single chandelier have it in their living rooms, but they can work well in other rooms too, so long as the chandelier is suited size-wise to the room

A pink chandelier would look stunning in a bedroom of either white or pink decor. I once saw a tv show which featured a real life home with a crystal chandelier that hung from the top floor of the house to the bottom, in the middle of a spiral staircase. it was extremely opulent and with a £26,000 (around $41,550 at the time of writing) price tag, not for everyone in style or affordability, but wow, it looked impressive.

Whether spending thousands, hundreds or maybe even less, a pink chandelier would make a great statement piece in any home due to the different styles and sizes available.

The Pink Chandelier - A Status Symbol

The more ornate the pink chandelier, the more it costs, but you can get some pretty pink chandeliers in the $130 - $320 price range. If you're looking for an all out crystal chandelier then be prepared to pay much more, those things don't come cheap!

Chandeliers though very basic in medieval origin - the original chandeliers were made from two pieces of wood secured to make a cross, with nails pointing through the ends so that candles could be attached. Chandeliers became status symbols the more ornate they got and were found in only the wealthiest of homes.

Though becoming more and more popular in everyday homes, the chandelier is still considered to be a bit of a status symbol, even though there are more affordable options these days.


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