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Pink Bedroom Furniture Fit For A Princess

Updated on August 30, 2011

Creating A Bedroom Fit For A Princess

Here's a great selection of Pink bedroom furniture to help to create the perfect girlie room. Whether you want one pink statement piece, or an entire bedroom filled with pink furniture, there's plenty of items to choose from. The colour pink is more popular than ever and we have a huge selection below.

If you're looking for that fairytale touch, pink bedroom furniture is definitely the type to go for. From baby pink to hot pink, creating a bedroom fit for a princess is easy. Pink is a really warming colour that is pretty, inviting and cosy, and is perfect for bedroom decor.

If you're little or more of a grown up girl, there's pink bedroom furniture to suit all styles!

Pink Bedroom Furniture For Little Girls

Little girls generally love pink, so having a pink bedroom is an ideal. I recently saw a TV show that featured an interior designer's house. She had created the most amazing pink princess bedroom for her little girl. The bed was actually in an alcove of a fairytale castle that covered two walls of the room.

The window was decorated with curtains that formed a huge pink bow above the window and draped down to the floor. The walls were hand painted into a fairytale landscape setting and the furniture was of course all pink. Including a bright pink wardrobe that had been adorned with crystals highlighting the little girl's initials in a heart.

The creator of this masterpiece was an interior designer, but you don't have to have experience to create an equally magical pink bedroom for your little princess, you just need a bit of patience and imagination. If you're buying pink bedroom furniture, you could always buy some loose crystals and decorate the pieces to make them unique.

Chances are, if your little one likes pink, she'll love sparkly things too. Decorating her pink bedroom furniture with crystal embellishments will add even more girlie and pretty touches!

Obviously, if you have a small child, any embellishments must be made out of reach or attached with super strength furniture glue and left to set.

Pink Bedroom Furniture For Women

Some women, no matter what their age, never grow out of loving pink. Buying pink bedroom furniture may result in more statement pieces than full on pink everything, but the choice is yours! There's some great pink items for for a grown up bedroom so if you're looking for one item or many, there's plenty of pink room furniture to choose from.

Pink is the colour of femininity and it comes in lots of different shades so you can be as subtle or as bold as you want. In my early twenties I painted my bedroom hot pink and customised the wardrobe and chest of draws to match. I also embellished the hot pink furniture with crystals. I'd always had a baby pink room as a child, then a subtle lilac as I got older, so I think I got a bit carried away when I moved out.

If you're into glitter and sparkles like I am, there's a great product called glitter varnish that you can paint onto walls and ceilings for a twinkle effect. It's very subtle on light colours, but on bold the effect is dazzling, especially when the light catches. You can actually save yourself a lot of money by making your own as I discovered after I was on my third pot!

Buy a clear varnish that is milky white in colour in the tin (once it's applied and dry it goes clear) get some different coloured glitters and mix it in. It has to be mixed really well and you need a decent amount of glitter to get the right effect, but it looks great once it's dried. It doesn't have an over the top look about it, unless you've added a ton of glitter! It gives a great effect on both walls and ceilings, plus, it makes the surface wipe clean, so is perfect for a child's room.


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