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Pink Rugs - Pink Area Rugs

Updated on August 30, 2011

Pink Rugs

Rugs are decorative items that can be functional too. If you've got a wooden floor for example, this is fine during the warm summer months, but it can be a little cold and clinical once the dark, cold nights of winter come around. Especially if you're like me and walk around barefoot. A rug is a perfect way to make a room with a wooden floor cosier. Plus, pink is a warming color, a pink rug would give a warming vibe to the coldest of rooms.

Same with the wear and tear of carpet. If you have an area that is stained or a bit worn, buying a rug can make a big difference to the appearance of a floor. No need to replace an entire room worth of carpeting. Bathroom rugs are a must! It's much nicer stepping out of the bath or shower onto a nice clean rug than it is to make the carpet wet or stand on a cold tiled floor.

Maybe you're just looking for a rug for decorative purposes, there's a lot of pink rugs to choose from for all budgets.

Plain Pink Rugs

As you can see, there are quite a few different choices when it comes to pink rugs. Different shapes, sizes and made from different materials. Obviously, aside of the budget, size should be the next priority when choosing a rug. Which room is it for? If it's for a living room then a large rug would be best suited for the center of the room. A bedroom? Is it for next to the bed or under it?

Too small for a room and the rug could look silly and out of proportion, too large and it might not fit into the area you had planned. It's probably best to measure the area in question, that way you will know exactly which dimensions are needed rather than rely on guesswork.

A pink rug is a great way to add a statement color to any room. More and more pink products are coming on the market to cater for the demand. If you're choosing pink items for around the home, you can be sure that you're right on trend, pink is definitely in!

Pink Patterned Rugs

Maybe you want something a bit more decorative than a plain pink rug. Again, there's plenty to choose from in all shades of pink. Choosing a pink patterned rug may be a bit more difficult than going for a plain one because of the scope of patterns.

A good way to begin choosing a patterned rug is to decide on traditional or contemporary, this will narrow the search down considerably. Next thing to take into account is other colors on the rug, will they compliment your home decor?

Decorative rugs can be real statement pieces that add depth to a room. I'm sure we all have an image of a roaring fire and a cosy looking rug sat in front of it in our heads. It's one of the most inviting images a property can have.

The great thing about buying a rug is that it can transform the look of a room, whatever budget you're on and with minimal time and effort.

Pink Rugs In Different Shapes

An unusually shaped pink rug would be great for a girly bedroom to add a bit of fun to the decor. A rug in a child's room could also be used as mentioned above, to cover up any unsightly marks or wear and tear.

A strategically placed rug could make the overall appearance of an old or stained carpet much improved. I should know, I can't blame my kid for the state of our bathroom carpet - we don't have one! But there was an incident with some shower gel that ended up on the carpet. I have tried (not with much effort it has to be said) to get the stains out, but scrap that. Our bathroom rug covers it and the rest of the carpet look perfectly spotless.

Rugs don't have to be purely decorative, they can also be smart purchases for lazy people like me who would rather cover it up than spend hours scrubbing a stain. If only there was one large enough to cover our living room carpet. Despite having a three tier cat scratching post, our loveable little ball of fluff has semi destroyed a perfectly good carpet.

Pink Bath Rugs

No matter what kind of flooring you have in your bathroom, it's best to have a bath rug. If you have a carpeted bathroom floor, it isn't a great idea to step straight out from the bath or shower and soak the carpet. It takes ages to dry and if you're constantly doing it you could end up with a damp smelling carpet.

If you have a tiled bathroom floor you could be at risk of slipping, plus you don't want to leave the floor wet so that the next time you or someone else visits the bathroom you or they end up walking water into other rooms.

Bath rugs are affordable items that are easy to throw in the wash. Ideal for safety and hygiene in any bathroom.


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