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Second hand kitchens offer great diversity

Updated on August 7, 2013
Second hand kitchen
Second hand kitchen

When it comes time to renovate or completely re-do your home kitchen, then you may find your best options lie with second hand kitchens. For a fraction of the cost of brand new kitchen fixtures and appliances, you could have beautiful kitchen pieces that many will think you purchased from high end retail outlets.

Second hand kitchens

Second hand kitchens are a collection of kitchen pieces that are often acquired through a sale by the owner to a wholesaler, who then deals in second hand kitchens and kitchen parts. Often, the homeowners will sell their entire kitchen sets or individual components , especially if they were unable to complete a given project for whatever reason. This is often due to the fact that they simply ran out of funds , and are now trying to recover some of their money.

This can be a fantastic opportunity however for other homeowners, especially for those of you who were looking to renovate an existing home, or potentially for a new home in this affordable housing market. Choosing second hand furniture for your kitchen is a great way to furnish the hub of the home, which the kitchen truly is.

Kitchen cabinets at

You can typically find deals online, where there are many websites that have a huge selection of individual sections, kitchen pieces, and used parts, as well as entire kitchen sets too. One of the benefits of going with a used kitchen is the fact you can get a high-end or boutique look for a fraction of the cost.

As a result, you may ultimately be able to raise the value of the home that you are putting these pieces or sets in. For example, Katie Rose kitchens offer a large and eclectic collection of used and second hand kitchen sets at really affordable prices. They have a collection of "bespoke" kitchens, which are some of the most sought after sets and pieces due to the fact that they are handmade and completely original.

These kitchens would normally cost in the tens of thousands of dollars range, to be installed or refitted into a home depending on the size and materials being used. This is why second hand kitchens are on the rise in popularity, because it allows any home owners to get a designer quality kitchen at a much more reduced cost.

With the housing market in the United States being what it is, this area of home renovation is expected to boom, due mainly to the fact that many people are able to get very nice homes for affordable prices, often because they are foreclosure properties. This presents an incredible opportunity for some substantial real estate investment, by buying a quality property at a low price and updating one of the most important aspects of a home, which is the kitchen, and doing it with a designer quality kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Be sure to do plenty of research, well in advance, before making any final purchases ,as there are many different websites that deal in secondhand kitchens. Many of them are wholesalers or warehouses that have large selections, and will often allow you to not only purchase pieces and sets from them, but also list and sell any that you may have.

These sites will often carry a wide variety of different styles like timber, vinyl wrap, Two-pac, laminate kitchens and more. Typically, they will not carry anything older than 10 years old, but sometimes you can find people listing retro and older sets, for those of you who are looking for a kitchen look from a specific time period or motif.

Choosing to install second hand kitchen pieces instead of buying everything brand new is a great option for home owners that are looking to save a buck or two, and saving money is the name of the game in the current economic climate.

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