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Stove Top Smokers - Easy To Use Indoor Smokers That Produce Delicious Foods

Updated on August 31, 2011

Stove Top Smokers Produce Amazing Smoked Foods!

If you love smoked foods, investing in a stove top smoker is a great buy, and here's an excellent selection to choose from. Smoking food at home is easy, these stove top smokers require little effort to create amazing foods in a variety of different smoke flavors.

Perfect for meats, fish, shellfish and vegetables, stove top smokers are a really simple way to smoke food indoors, and the taste results are truly delicious. It's not often that you get such great results with food from so little effort, but stove top smokers really deliver.

If you're a fan of smoked foods, a stove top smoker is a must have kitchen item. It's an affordable purchase that you will use time and time again.

Stove Top Smokers, So Easy To Use

When thinking about buying a stove top smoker, you may ask yourself, how hard it is to use? Writing from personal experience, it couldn't be any simpler!

So how easy is easy, right?

  1. Place the stove top smoker onto one stove ring.
  2. Open the smoker up and remove the drip tray and rack.
  3. Place the wood chips in the bottom of the stove top smoker.
  4. Place the drip tray and rack on top.
  5. Place your food onto the rack.
  6. Close the lid most of the way shut, leaving a small gap open.
  7. Heat the stove ring.
  8. Wait for the first wisp of smoke and then fully close the lid.
  9. Smoke for guided time (you get full instructions) and you're done!

Stove Top Smoker Wood Chips

One of the best things about smoking your own foods is that you get to choose which smoke flavor you want and how mild or strong your flavor preference is.

In most cases you will only be using a tablespoon and a half of wood chips, so this is a real cost effective way of making delicious food at home. It really is delicious too, once you've smoked your own foods, you won't stop experimenting!

Wood chips for stove top smokers come in a flavorsome variety of smoke flavors. Here's a rough guide to which wood chips work with which foods:

Alder - Fish, Shellfish and Vegetables

Apple - Game, Fish, Poultry

Bourbon Smoked Oak - Red Meats and Ribs

Cherry - Poultry and Vegetables

Hickory - Pork and Poultry

Maple - Pork, Poultry, Vegetables

Mesquite - Poultry

Oak - Everything!

Pecan - Pork, Game, Lamb

The beauty of using a stove top smoker at home is that you get to choose exactly which flavors you want, it's all down to personal preference. You can use whatever wood chips with whatever foods you like, you can even mix them.

Stove top smokers are really versatile pieces of kitchen equipment that you will use time and time again. Once you have tasted smoked food made at home, you won't want it from anywhere else! Your recipes, your taste preferences, your unique flavors. If you're a fan of smoked foods, this is a really, really cool thing to own.

Smoked Foods Cook books

If you're just starting out with home smoking and don't feel too confident about experimenting with different flavors just yet. Here's a useful selection of cook books devoted to smoking recipes.

If you are still wondering whether or not to go for a stove top smoker, seriously, do it! If you love smoked foods you will not want to be without your stove stop smoker after you have used it for the first time!

Stove top smokers are brilliant products that produce the most delicious foods you will ever taste. Any fan of smoked foods should have one of these in their kitchen!


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