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Wet rooms for any home

Updated on September 30, 2011
Contemporary wet room
Contemporary wet room

Yes, it's true. Anybody can have a wet room in their very own home, as they are not just for the very wealthy any longer. Wet rooms have become so popular, in fact, that many have already taken to adding them to their own home, as a way of making the overall bathroom experience much more functional and convenient.

You may be wondering just what a wet room is, and we'll get to that. If you take a gander at the picture on the right, you'll kind of get an idea of what we'll be discussing. Today, we'll be talking about...

Wet rooms

Once you've decided to add a wet room to your home, this may actually become your favorite room in the house, as it makes life so much more functional and convenient.

Wet rooms can best be described as a bathroom that basically has one level flooring surface that covers the entirety of the room. This is to say that the shower also shares that surface, and is simply set aside in its own cubicle, or at the end of the room.

The water that is generated by the shower simply runs off into a centrally located drain, making bathroom cleanup a snap. If the entire room is waterproofed properly, then the bathroom itself can be cleaned by simply spraying it down with a hose, then letting the water run down the drain.

In a typical wet room the toilet will be attached directly to the wall and off the flooring surface, which makes it infinitely easier to clean around. By lifting the toilet off the floor, you'll have less worry about the dirt and grime that can typically build up behind and around this particular bathroom fixture.

The sink is also conveniently placed atop a ledge, so that it is out of the way. The sink itself is generally of the simple, basic design type, and can lend an air of class and elegance to the wet room.

One key component of wet room design is the actual tiling that the room is lined with. The larger the tiles, the less grout work there is and less chance of there being leakage in the future. these rooms are all about convenience, so in my honest opinion when it comes to the floor tiles... the bigger the better. Wet room flooring is crucial to designing a lasting bathroom that will experience the greatest longevity possible.

Another key component of the wet room is the shower head. While you can have a stationary shower head that connects directly to the wall like in the picture at the top of the page, a hand held shower head would also give you added range of movement. A better range of movement would then add to the wet room's convenience. A wet room shower truly is the key component of the room itself. Wet room showers should make you feel as if you're being cleaned by cascades of water.

Wet room shower screens are also available for the benefit of sectioning off teh shower area. This can be especially important for those who are unable to live with a bathroom that has no partition for the shower area. A wet room shower screen would give you the sense of privacy, while maintaining the integrity of the design concept.

Additional fixtures would be just that, additional, and may even serve to take away from the room's overall sense of minimalism. That is of course a personal preference, and every room in your house should be an extension of who you are as a person and as a personality.

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