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Second Hand Furniture

Updated on September 30, 2011
Second hand furniture
Second hand furniture

When it comes to buying furniture for your home, apartment, office, etc. there are only a couple of basic choices to consider when getting started... Will you be purchasing brand new furniture, or does second hand furniture suit you as a perfect fit? There are many factors to consider above and beyond these, but deciding between these two will be crucial to the overall process and especially during the beginning.

Personally, new furniture tends to remind me of stuffy showrooms, the kind my parents and grandparents would drag me to when I was a youngster. I've never been a fan of sterile settings such as these, so for me second hand furniture is almost always preferable to brand new. The uniqueness of the pieces, the individuality of the designs offered by second hand stores, thrift stores and the likes helps make the process singularly personal, and lends character to the experience.

Second hand furniture

Once you've decided whether you'll be purchasing new or used furniture, other factors come into play; Price, size, durability, intended use, which room will it adorn, etc. Price always seems to play a major role in these purchases, and choosing second hand furniture is no exception. Thrift stores and other used furniture shops such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. usually have a few pieces in their showroom that can be had for an amazing price.

This is not the same as deciding whether you would like to buy finished or unfinished furniture; Unfinished furniture is simply furniture that still needs to be treated and coated for protection and decorative purposes. You can find wonderful unfinished oak furniture pieces that are Brand new; Ikea usually is the first place that comes to mind for this scenario.

Great Unfinished Furniture at

What are the other factors to consider with new or 2nd hand furniture?

  • Price - Well, we mentioned this already, but it always seems to come into play. figure out your budget, then you'll have finished half the battle
  • Intended use - Will your furniture purchase be something you stick in the corner and forget about, or will the grandchildren be bouncing around on it 3-4 days a week?
  • Maintenance - How much work are you willing to do on the next piece of furniture you buy? Would you mind storing a piece for a few months, a year, or do you need the furniture to hit your personal showroom ASAP?
  • Size - Yes, size matters when you're considering how well any piece of furniture will fit into the scheme of your personal household. Don't buy something too big for your needs, unless you want your home to be dominated by clunky home furnishings
  • The Space - Which room are you looking to decorate with the new purchase? Second hand kitchens have become quite popular, but are you willing to skimp on one of the most important rooms in your home?

Those are just a few more of the overall considerations to take into account when purchasing furniture for the home. Used furniture can be a great way to go if you are able to identify the right locations to start looking.

Regardless of which direction you decide to go with the project, it should be something you thoroughly enjoy, as this will make the project infinitely more rewarding. New or used furniture? It's for you to decide...

New or used furniture? What'll it be?

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