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Please Don't Use Electronic Dog Collars

Updated on April 22, 2011

Electronic Dog Collars

Dogs are well known to be the best friends of humans. Dog is considered to be the best pet one could have. A pet is an animal whom we bring into our homes as a family member. What how would you treat your best friend. How would you treat your new family member. If you say to treat them with love, then please for dog's sake don't buy an electronic dog collar.

I personally don't train my dogs much because I consider them my best friends and family members. But it amazes me and I enjoy dogs doing things and obeying their masters in sheer joy whenever I go to dog shows. I always saw that the technique of reward on success is used while training a dog. Recently something called electronic dog training collars have started to appear everywhere in the pet stores. If you are considering buying an electronic dog collar for your pet, please don't buy.

An electronic dog training collar is an electronic device fitted to the dogs collar with battery connection with two metal leads touching the dogs neck. The collar comes with an remote control. With the use of the remote control you can give shocks to the your dog. Electronic dog collars they say are safe, well they may be but they give worst shocks to your dog.

The main technique you use with the electronic dog collar is failure-punishment technique which is worst kind because it will make dogs like people either rebel against you or become shy and fearful. Don't do this to the dog you love. Please don't buy any electronic dog training collar.


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