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6 Really Expensive Items That You Can Get A Deal On

Updated on July 14, 2011
Eco-friendly cars can be obtained at a low cost using government rebates.
Eco-friendly cars can be obtained at a low cost using government rebates.

Frugal living tips usually revolve around how to save a little bit of money here and there on tiny expenses. This is great because it allows you to accrue a large amount of savings over time, making it easier to live within your means and even establish an emergency fund or savings account. However, people interested in living frugally should know that there are some big items that it is possible to get deals on as well. You can take the money from such large savings and invest it to earn interest, use it to pay down debt or otherwise really make it work for you.

Here are six examples of expensive items that you can get for a reduced cost or sometimes even for free:

1. Travel. There are many different ways to get a deal on the cost of travel. One leading option is to take advantage of those deals where they ask you to listen to a presentation in exchange for a free trip. Often those presentations teach you about a timeshare opportunity. However, there is never any obligation to buy into the timeshare or whatever else is being offered at the presentation. As long as you go into the experience with a firm commitment not to purchase anything while you’re there then you can go ahead and get free travel for the hour or two that you spend listening to the presentation. Make sure that you firmly decline any opportunity to participate in the program and get all of the information you need for cashing in on your deal. Other ways to save a lot of money on travel include getting your employer to foot the bill and finding ways to turn your vacation into income.

2. Appliances. When it comes time to purchase a new appliance, don’t just rush out and buy what you think you might need. Instead, head online to check out what rebates are currently offered by your local and federal government. It is often possible to get good energy-efficient appliances at a really low cost using these rebates. The rebates are typically seasonal. For example, you may get a reduced price on air conditioning units in the summer months. There are also usually related services that help cut the costs of getting a new appliance. For example, you may be able to get a low cost energy-efficient refrigerator and also to have your used refrigerator taken away at no charge to yourself. Compared to hiring someone to remove the refrigerator and/or paying dump fees this can end up saving you a lot of money.

3. Green technology including new eco-friendly cars. This is another purchase area where you really want to keep an eye on what deals and rebates are being offered by the local and federal government. If you’re interested in a new technology car such as an electric car or a fuel cell car then you may be able to get it at a reduced price by using federal rebates to do so. The same is true for other green technology and renewable resource technology such as the installation of solar panels to power the home using the energy of the sun. Deals vary by location and change over time. If you’re thinking about getting anything like this, it’s worth it to wait until a deal comes up because the result can be thousands of dollars in savings.

4. Education. There is no reason that you should spend a lot of money on an education when there are so many different ways that you can get an education for free. Some of those options include:

o Scholarships and grants. This is the most common way to get a college education for free. That can save you tens of thousands of dollars! However, don’t limit yourself to looking for these opportunities only at the college level. If you’re a go-getter you can often get local businesses to sponsor you with small grants even if you’re only interested in taking a single private class.

o Free introductory classes. Many different types of places offer free or low cost introductory classes so that you can see if you like what they have to offer. For example, many yoga studios offer a free class before you have to sign up for paid classes. If you play your cards right and check out various yoga studios around your city you can get a lot of free classes.

o Local free or cheap classes. Some of the best classes that I’ve ever taken were free classes offered through my local Small Business Administration. Check the public library as well as online ads for free class opportunities in your area.

5. Food and drinks. If you live in a major urban area where there is a big art scene then you could opt to go to an art opening every single night. At those openings you’ll find free food and drink available to you. Likewise, if you work in a business that holds catered events (like a nonprofit organization or a law firm) then you may be allowed to take home the catered leftovers when the event is done. Look around for these types of opportunities to be able to get food and drinks for free. This can significantly reduce your personal grocery spending and save you a lot of money over time.

6. Website services. It can be really, really expensive for you to set up and maintain a website if you require the assistance of professionals to do it for you. There’s the cost of website design. There’s the cost of content creation. There’s the cost of SEO and social media promotion to make sure that other people see your website. However, you don’t necessarily have to pay all of these costs. Look for promotional deals offered by web designers and SEO companies. For example, they may give you a significant discount if you refer five friends to them or reduce your costs if you’re willing to promote their company in some other way. Alternatively, you may be able to barter the service that you offer for their services so that you get what you need at no actual cost. Of course, in addition to the cost of these services, you'll also want to look for good broadband deals so that you can pay a low cost for the high speed option of broadband Internet.

What’s the most amount of money that you’ve saved on one item? Leave your answer in the comments because I would love to know!


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    A very helpful hub. Thank you for the hard work of research

  • fastfreta profile image

    Alfreta Sailor 7 years ago from Southern California

    I like this hub, especially the advice on buying appliances.

  • amybradley77 profile image

    amybradley77 7 years ago

    This are good ideas, thanks again for sharing. People can always use these with this ecomomy. A.B.

  • FrugalGal profile image

    FrugalGal 7 years ago

    Good information, thank you.

  • The Rising Glory profile image

    The Rising Glory 7 years ago from California

    Good information, although I wouldn't waste the money with green tech and eco friendly cars. While, as you stated, there are ways to get rebates you are way overpaying for what you get and what they do.

  • sherrylou57 profile image

    sherrylou57 7 years ago from Riverside

    Very good information!