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Sites To Help Find The Best Coupons Online!

Updated on November 2, 2011

In today's economic climate, people from almost every walk of life are having to budget their spending and save money everywhere they can.  Many are looking for ways to save on everyday and special purchases, and using coupons of various different types give buyers a little more room in their household budget.

Using coupons for groceries has been widely practiced for years, as many have used print coupons from newspapers and mailouts for decades.  However, in the past few years, many companies have been posting their savings opportunities on the internet and have made the coupons printable.  There are online grocery coupons for every item and chain, but there are also great free online coupons for special purchases of every type. 

Online Coupon Sites And Forums

An excellent way to save money every time you buy is to utilize online coupon sites and forums. These websites will give you coupons for savings on every type of purchase. Many of them will also alert you to big sales, free shipping deals and more.

A great example of these sites is This site has many deals ranging from 10% and more off at major retailers to up to $150 off your next purchase from Hewlett-Packard. You can get information on what stores have the best deals on certain merchandise, to coupons emailed to you daily. Anyone can save with Coupon Cabin.

When many people think about using coupons, they envision someone who uses tens of coupons each tyme they buy groceries, spends hours collecting the coupons, and never buys without a discount.  With these types of websites, a person can save hundreds each month by simply keeping an eye out for coupons for items they buy on a regular basis.

Coupon Apps On Your Smartphone

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Using applications on your smartphone to gain coupon savings is definitely for the more avid coupon buyer, yet it is not as difficult as some may think. On any smartphone platform, Iphone, Blackberrry, or Android, there are many different apps that can help you get the most out of every purchase. Some of these apps focus primarily on grocery coupons, but there are plenty that do not. Some actually can help you save anywhere you buy and share comments about those places with other app users.

A simple search through your phone's app store icon will return plenty of Coupon applications. A few to try out should include Groupon , which can also be utilized if you don't have a smart phone, Yowza!! and even Foursquare . Foursquare is more of a social application, but you can earn savings at many retailers simply by showing you visited their place of business.

Groupon will send you messages of local savings, usually around 50% or higher, on everything from meals at restaurants to massages. These offers usually have time limits and are only offered to the first hundred or so people that reply to the message.

Company Specific Savings And Rewards Programs

Almost everyone has been asked to join a company rewards program. Many companies now have membership cards or even keychains that have a barcode to allow you to get special savings. In some stores, you cannot even get the main sale prices if you are not a reward program member. Some of the better programs will even send you coupons or emails alerting you to savings for the coming month. This is an excellent way to plan out your dinner menus and even stock up on certain sale items. Below are some of the best company reward programs:

  • Harvey's Supermarkets - Reward Keychain, Emails of coming savings
  • RiteAid Pharmacy - Emailed Coupons, special pricing
  • Borders - Emailed Coupons
  • Best Buy - Money earned toward next purchase
  • OfficeMax - 5% cash back on large purchases

As many stores require that you have their reward card to get their sale prices, it is wise to sign up for reward cards in any store you frequent. However, some of these cards, like Harvey's, has excellent savings. Another supermarket, Winn Dixie, even offers money off your next gas purchase. You can even bank up the savings until you get as much as a couple dollars off per gallon.


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