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Dreams Explanation: All About Money ( Part one)

Updated on February 7, 2015

Dream big | Source


We all get to see dreams about money and we all have curiosity to know what seeing that means, that's why today and in this article you will be able to get all the explanation needed for your dreams about money.

Different images and actions can give different explanations.

In general, dreaming about money can indicate and point to worries,troubles and some health issues.

Seeing huge quantities of money can point to : emergent circumstances and huge spending of money.

Now let's start specifying each image along with its explanation. | Source

Loans: Mortgage, Deposit and guarantee

When you see any images related to loans ( Mortgages, deposits, guarantees,warranties...etc), these point to: Financial troubles that could turn into legal issues.they can also mean: Abuse, loss and health troubles.

If you dream that you're upset about having many loans to cover and end: You will get a visit from someone which you will not like.


The checks in dreams mean: a news about death.

If you signed a check it means: loss and a big complicated financial deception.

-Checks without signing and numbers: getting out of some trouble and solving it.

-Empty checks ( no credits): emergent health and financial issues. | Source

Receiving Money

If you see fake paper money in the dream it means: Theft, betrayal and it also has an evidence of getting bad news such as death news.

If you see a treasure trove of money it means: An emergent health related circumstance or news of death ( The death of a person or an animal you would or would not know)

-Receiving money from a dead person in the dream: Health and family related issues but if if the money was green in color then it indicates and points to an ending of some financial issues, if the dead person is one of your parents, it means: A big financial breakthrough and a status of relaxation and Tranquility.

- If the dead person deposited money with you it means: He/she's saving a secret with you or he would be telling you to take care of someone of his/her family. | Source

Finding Money Or Paying

Finding money in the dream has many meanings and explanations some of these explanations include: Disappointments, getting busy and worried about a specific project and the dream here might mean that this specific project would succeed.

If you found money but didn't take it: Your financial issues will come to cease and end, also the dreams might tell you about the success of a particular mission or project.

If you get money from an unknown source, it means: A sudden and surprising winning of money and it also indicates getting you better in most of your situations in life.

Exchanging money by different and several groups of money, means: Financial issues. If the groups were of the kind that would not get exchanged, it means: A health indisposition.

If you dream about getting money from someone it means: you will spend money or lend some money. If the money was from one of your parents then it means: You will get money from him/her, also this image can indicate a financial easing and breakthrough.

If you dream about paying: Your debt will be given back to you or you will be gifted from someone, if you paid money after negotiating the price with the seller then it means: Watch out from certain deceptive actions or a trick against you in the field of relations.

If you dream about borrowing money: Financial troubles or betrayal, but if you actually and in real life have the attention of asking for a loan then the dream tells you that this is not the right time to be doing this unless you had the sixth sense and had those dreams which get to happen in real life.

If someone is borrowing money from you: Loss. If you're the one who's borrowing money the it means: Betrayal.

That's it for part one for the explanation of money.

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