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How to Make and Save MONEY!

Updated on September 25, 2012

How To Make Money-Several Tips

All I hear about is how to make money, making money, fast money and more money! I love money just as much as the next person. However, I believe that I am driven more by success within life then within the value of a dollar. Although, I like money and know the benefits of having it to live, survive and get all those fancy items that I like to have, so I had to think outside of the box to make money. Some of us don’t always have access to the Internet, therefore, we need to make money in other ways.

Fast Cash
Fast Cash

Let's Start Making Money!

With that said, here are some key ways to making money fast and quick.

EBay – I sell a lot of items on EBay for the extra cash but not always fast cash but it works and it's reliable. If you work it right it can be very lucrative. You can spend hours and hours on EBay, however, I do it only on Sunday’s (approximately 3 hours) and I sell only items that I can package and carry. Larger items tend to eat up my shipping profits. EBay has been successful for me and here is what I do;

  1. I have a box of items that I keep in my closet that are to sell on EBay (smaller items that will sell fast).
  2. Every Sunday I will upload about 10-20 items onto EBay for 7days.
  3. The following Sunday I package everything up that I sold and then re-list or list new items to sell.
  4. The kicker is, I sell only items that will fit into a 14x17 large padded envelope for Priority Mail only. I drop everything off Monday morning at the Post Office and don’t worry about it again for another week. This is steady income into my account weekly (it varies but works). I am making money at least.
  5. Here are some examples of what I can fit into this size envelope;
  • Six of my son’sjeans (boys size 6)
  • Three of his shoes
  • Camera’s, ipods, phonesand other small electronics
  • Coats, shirts, jeans and other women’s clothing or accessories
  • Husbands pants, shirts, ties and other accessories
  • Movies; DVD’s or VHS
  • Make up, hair products, perfume and other smelly stuff

Amazon – I use Amazon for old books, DVD’s, and other small items. It’s easy to work with and you can earn enough money to buy more books and DVD’s or make enough money to pay the bills. This is easy as long as you gather the items you want to sell and post onto Amazon. Remember, you have to have an account in order to sell used items.

Waitress- how to make money during the holidays, well, a lot of restaurants and bars are looking for waitresses, it’s a great way to earn fast money and quick cash always helps during these times. I did this in my past life and when times are tough, you can always find a job as a waitress and it helps tremendously.

Yard Sale – if you do this right you can make $400 - $500 in a day with a yard sale. The following items are what sells the best for me;

  • Kids furniture
  • Kids shoes, clothes, toys, coats, just about anything
  • Old house items, like kitchen sinks, washers, dryers, tables,etc …
  • Women and Men’s cologne’s, clothing (be selective) and coats (coats are a great item to sell)
  • Old sports memorabilia (this is always a winner)
  • Tools, lawnmowers, anything big, yard sales are the best place to sell these items

Amazon Mechanical Turk– this group will allow you to do dd jobs at home and make money. You select the assignment you want, then finish the assigment and the money goes to your Amazon account. If you pick the right assignment it's fun and you can do as many assignments as you want, thus, making more money. if you are selling items on Amazon, you can use the same account.

Craigslist’s – great way to get rid of larger items and make lots of money fast. Keep in mind that the people will need to come and pick up these items from your home or another location.

Return Purchases - most women will have a few items lying around that still have the tags on them (clothing, hair dryers, scarves, purses, etc…). Collect these items and return them, it will rack up and help you whether you are getting cash back or obtaining credit on your credit card. It’s worth it, so do it.

Scrap Metal - collect scrap metal, make sure it’s metal and do your research around your area to find out where to take it.

Temping – how to make money on a more secure basis, I recommend going to a Temp Agency and sign up. These agencies will have a variety of jobs available, for example, clerical, data entry, office manager, warehouse personnel, etc. If you find a good position, sometimes it develops into something permanent position. Great way to get your foot in the door and making money on a regular basis.

Take in a Boarder – Rent a room or rent your basement. Get an upfront deposit and first months rent, but make sure you do your research on your renter, that is extremely important.

Bank your Sperm – yep, about $40 per donation…this is really fast cash when you need it.

Pawn Shop - Pawnshops work like this: you offer up your prized possessions as collateral on a loan; in most cases, the loan will be about 10% of the actual value of your item. At this point, you have three choices: redeem the loan, pay interest to keep the loan alive, or let it lapse and forfeit you’re goodies. Pawning can work but you have to use it correctly to get your items back.

In these tough economical times, we are all doing what we can to save money, make money and make more money. However, we do have a lot of options to make money as mentioned above. Even to make money online through the Internet (like EBay and Amazon) not to mention writing sites and other sites, do your research and do what works best for you and your family. Money is out there, just go find it.


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